Following the U.S. Mortgage Crisis

After much early criticism of U.S. policy, E. U. leaders and the European Central Bank (E.C.B.) increased their money supply in order to ‘Save The Euro’ and to preserve the European Union. A second round of this became necessary in 2015, hoping to stimulate E.U. productivity and exports.

Back in February 2012, the E.C.B. had made 800 bn. Euro’s available to 800 banks within the 15 Euro Zone member nations, with an additional 1.1 billion. handed out this time. Five hundred banks participated in the first emergency supply of funds to save the European banking system.

The E.C.B. is now following the same course of action taken by the U.S. and Britain. This was strongly criticized by the German Chancellor, with the then French President openly criticizing the U.S. President at the outset of talks in Europe on how to save the world economy.

U.S. Increases Money Supply

At that time the Federal Reserve increased the U.S. money supply by more than one third in the ‘Quantitative Easing’ process.

European nations already unable to reduce their outstanding Sovereign Debts were also permitted to create additional government funding ‘kicking the crisis further down the road’ following the U.S. example.

Club Med

The ‘Club Med’ nations still face a huge financial crisis as Europe struggles to preserve the Euro.

The Greek government threatens their departure from the E.U. if heavy controls are not eased. A Greek default and restructuring would lower the interest rate on their debt, but this would affect banks in Europe, Britain, and the U.S. causing another crisis. Britain carries much of the Greek debt!

The British-Exit

The British pending Brexit departure may also encourage exits by additional prosperous nations, such as Holland, France, and the North-Western Nations, leaving Germany to consolidate a less prosperous more militaristic Eastern Europe, depending more on German leadership.


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