If a quick Google search disproves false Christian teaching – then, what did Christ and the Apostles really teach?

Christians should find out, after all it was what these men taught, that got almost all of the killed!

Making False Claims

One large church claiming to be Christian, refers to their spiritual leader as Holy Father and his priests as Father.

Google search: ‘Scripture for Call NO ONE on earth your (spiritual) father’.

“And call NO ONE your father on earth, for you have ONE FATHER, who is in heaven!” Matthew 23:8-9.

For instance, Christ and the Apostles did not teach that YOU will be going to heaven!

Google search ‘Scripture for NO ONE has gone to heaven.’

“No one has ascended to heaven except he who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven”! John 3:13.

Teachings of the one true ‘Church Of God’

Does Christ approve of the world referring to the one true church He built, being named after Him? No He does not!

Praying to his Father, Jesus Christ asked that the Church be named not after Him, but AFTER HIS FATHER! It was to be known as ‘The Church of God.’

Twelve times in the books of the New Testament written by the Apostles, the church Jesus Christ established is referred to as ‘The Church of God’.

The number twelve is God’s number for perfection and completion. For instance there are twelve months in the year.

The man God named Israel had twelve sons, most of these became modern day nations.

There were twelve Apostles, who will soon be resurrected to rule over them during the soon coming one thousand year rule of Jesus Christ on the earth.

True Church of God Teachings Changed

Many of the true ‘Church of God’ teachings were changed by the great false christian church established by Emperor Constantine, this became the State Religion throughout the entire Roman Empire.

You will be AMAZED at how the teachings of Jesus Christ were altered by this church headquartered at Rome!

Their false christian teachings and practices were enforced by the Roman Authorities throughout the European Continent, and later around the world by the observance of the Roman Calendar.

The false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church were passed on to the British Empire, and to the United States of America through Protestant, and later Evangelical church teaching.

Study To Show Yourself Approved

Scripture tells us that each must ‘Study to show yourself approved’. Are you prepared to obey scriptural instruction, to study to find the true teachings of the one true church Jesus Christ founded in Jerusalem, and NOT in Rome?

Time is fast running out on this old worn out world! Soon God MUST INTERVENE to save life from total extinction!

If you really want to know the true teachings of Jesus Christ, study the America And Britains Future Free Library.’

And for a quick glimpse into your future, listen the 30 Second Soundbites and longer Podcasts on the Home Page.

It Is God The Father Who Calls

IF God the Father has opened your mind to study His truth, then you need to take this very seriously. This may be your only chance to make yourself ready, to become a part of the family of God during Jesus Christ’s One Thousand Year Rule on earth.

Yes, the Kingdom of Heaven which is the Kingdom of God, will be established ON THE EARTH at Jesus Christ’s return!

‘And have made us kings and priests to our God: And we shall reign ON THE EARTH! Rev 5:10.

Christ is returning in this Nuclear Age Generation! He will establish the Kingdom of God saving human life alive!

This will NOT be in heaven, but on the earth! Can you accept this scriptural TRUTHS?

Only those God the Father is calling can accept this, those who are very rare on the earth today. It is for their sake this world will be saved alive, according to scripture!

Following Christ’s return, bringing justice and saving human life from total extinction, God the Father ‘will then shed His spirit abroad to all’ giving everyone the ability to understand the true teachings of Jesus Christ, and the opportunity to become a member of the family of God!

This will be in a time when NO ONE WILL BE DECEIVED by false Christian teaching!

Be sure to read: Welcome To The Official Website of The Philadelphia Era of The One True Church of God, in Librarian’s Comments. This gives the history of the One True Church Of God since being established by Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, and not continued in Rome.


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