The Wall Street Journal recently quoted our President as saying ‘Fire And Fury Threat Was Not Enough.’ The New York Times headline read ‘North Korean Leader, Once Dismissed, Is Now In Firm Control’ and the USA Today headline read ‘Trump, Kim Could Find Way Back To Diplomacy.’

Following World War Two the Korean peninsula was divided between the Russian controlled North and the U.S. controlled South. Because of the onset of the ‘cold war,’ Russia handed control of the North over the China.

The war, between North and South Korea, was decided by the Chinese military’s push south through North Korea causing the U.S. retreat to the 38th parallel, to where the U.S. military still stands on guard, almost seventy years later.

A Chinese Puppet Regime

Since then three generations of the ruling family in North Korea have been used by China to ‘Tweak The Lions Tail,’ using a satellite state with almost no tangible assets to test the resolve of consecutive U.S. Presidents.

Now it has come to the test of President Trump. Our previous President tested so weak the Chinese were able to build fortified islands, appearing to take charge of the shipping routes in the South China Sea, through which one-third of world commerce passes.

President Trump publicly challenged the Chinas President while on a state visit to the U.S. to do more to halt Kim Jung Un’s threatening behavior and to correct China’s massive trade imbalance by allowing more U.S. products into China.

It was all smiles and compliments during the visit which gave President Trump the appearance of being in control, which hopefully would result in Chinese assistance, but upon President Xi Jinping’s returning to China, ‘two hundred and fifty thousand’ Chinese troops were moved to the North Korean border.

Obviously, actions speak louder than word!

A Military Supermarket Across The Border

We may ask, how is it possible for such an impoverished country to develop nuclear weapons and rocket systems which now threaten Japan and Alaska with further testing constantly under way to enhance delivery capabilities?

During North Korea’s annual celebration we saw several additions to their impressive display of military force. One retired U.S. General mentioned “If we could take off the labels we would find “MADE IN CHINA” underneath!

It is reported that just across the Chinese border a ‘so called private company’ exists which supplies North Korea’s shopping list of sophisticated armaments.

A Further Threat

A further threat has been made to use a miniature nuclear warhead to attack U.S. naval assets in the ocean around the U.S. territory of Guam, a seven thousand strong U.S. base laden with long range bombers and submarines, with a one hundred and fifty thousand population and a tourist destination for mainly Japanese and South Koreans.

Because of rockets fired from North Korea towards Japan massive evacuations of the Japanese population have been under way and school children hide in their classrooms.

Japan has a stock pile of enough uranium to build two hundred nuclear weapons over a three year period if the U.S. is seen to back down further on the North Korean-Chinese situation after all these constant rocket launches are fired in Japans direction!

China is most certainly in charge of what the North Korean leader is doing, this is where the young twenty eight-year-old gets his confidence, given the assurance that he is working in Chinas interest!

It may seem there is no other option left available to the U.S. but to rain ‘fire and fury’ on this Chinese puppet nation, possibly with the loss of more than a million lives in the South Korean capitol, from thousands of cannon lined along the border just thirty miles away.

Chinas last Chess move in the present showdown has been to say that China will not intervene on North Korea’s behalf if the North Koreans fire first. This leads to another Stale- Mate in the game they are playing against President Trump, with no agreement to dismantle North Korea’s rockets and nukes.


A few months ago President Trump mentioned the economic option.

He pressured the Chinese to stop taking coal and other products from North Korea and bring a halt to North Korean aggression, instead of this their trade increased.

A one or two-week halt to Chines ships entering U.S. ports would force the Chinese to PERMANENTLY END THIS SITUATION. The Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are the largest parking lots in the world, with plenty of space to park up the entire Chinese fleet!

The only inconvenience to the U.S. would be empty shelves in stores, as these massive vessels lay off shore while North Korea dismantles its rockets and hands over its nuclear weapons.

No doubt China would play up their ability to begin dumping U.S. bonds in order to wreck the U.S. dollar, or they may just end the crisis immediately following a phone call from our Secretary of State informing them of President Trumps decision to do this, thereby suffering no loss of face for President Xi Jinping and the Chinese government.

Troll Under The Bridge

The thousands of massive canon lined along the North-South Korean border constantly ready to fire on the ten million population of the South Korean capital is reason enough to use economic SANCTIONS AGAINST CHINA rather than beginning a war. No amount of sanctions against North Korea will yield the outcome needed to end the crisis.

It may have been the government of Greece who began using the TROLL UNDER THE BRIDGE manipulation of their population in order to have them pay for the building of a fleet of war ships, later used to fend off the one thousand attacking Persian fleet.

Why not try a more peaceful but economically powerful way this time, even if it does deprive the military industrial complex of billions of dollars in profits on replacement weaponry. They will already be paid up to a TRILLION in additional funds to modernize our nuclear capabilities and to rearm our armed forces over the next twenty years.

Prophecy Relating To China…

Bible prophecy with regard to China is linked with Russia and today this alliance is strong, both nations have cooperated on nuclear weapons development, with Russia enabling China to become a nuclear power. Both nations have modernized their nuclear weapons.

There is NO indication in prophecy that China will be involved in a nuclear retaliation against the United States!

Our President need have no fear of a Chinese nuclear response to a U.S. attack on North Korea. China may well send in troops, even down to the South Korean border or beyond!

But there is NO indication in prophecy that China will ever be involved in a nuclear war against the United States! So, go ahead with your plans Mr. President.

China will, however, use their nuclear weapons at a later date in a pre-emptive strike against a future TEN nation nuclear militarized European Union led by Germany.

The E.U’s acquisition of nuclear weapons will come about quickly now, perhaps building on the French nuclear arsenal as mentioned in the lead article on this page or perhaps by taking control of U.S. nukes already guarded by the German military in Germany!


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