The Middle-East and North Africa have become a European problem, with MILLIONS invading Europe as refugees. Many are displaced from the prolonged Syrian war and from the continuing civil war in Libya, as well as those fleeing the ongoing wars and hunger in North African nations.

A reception center was to be built on the Greek Isle of Lesbos, where thousands no longer welcome continue to arrive.

An Earlier European Welcome

The European Parliament as well as the individual nations in Europe showed compassion at first, with the German chancellor announcing her eagerness to welcome them.

But soon German cities were overrun, and Angela Merkel reversed her previous welcome with eight hundred thousand having arrived in Germany. Most European nations then tried to close their borders.

Thousands Of Young Muslim Men

A frightening perspective was that seventy percent of those arriving were thousands of young Muslim men, this stirred the fear that terrorists had been sent into Europe along with the masses.

Large groups of these men roamed the streets of European cities destroying the enjoyed security of women, and built fear in every community with many being attacked, and raped!

Not Accepted By Middle-Eastern Nations

Meanwhile, the richest Middle-Eastern nations such as Saudi-Arabia and other prosperous economies refused to accept any of these, mainly because the ruling class are a minority of the Muslim world, and fear being overthrown.

These nations have given large financial donations but solidly refuse to open their borders.

No Screening

No screening had been done of those entering Europe, with thousands forcing their way through the borders of every nation from the Mediterranean Sea to Germany, and into North-Western Europe!

They were not content to settle in poorer E.U. countries, determined to settle only in the richer nations of Europe and in Britain offering the highest government benefits and job possibilities.

Building Mosques In Europe

Wealthy Saudi Arabians are offering money to build around 2000 Mosques throughout Europe. This of course is taken as part of the Muslim threat to take control of Europe!

Even the Vatican did not escape Isis threats, though protected by armed guards and the high Vatican City WALL.

Europe Fears The Loss Of Middle-East Oil

Europe fears the loss of Middle-East oil as their last reliable supply, with Saudi-Arabia becoming a member of the B.R.I.C.S. Nations, led by Russia and China!

Will the answer be a European full-scale involvement in the Middle-East as so-called peacekeepers?

The American And British Withdrawal

In late October of 2014 the last of British forces were withdrawn from Afghanistan, soon followed by U.S. combat troops, leaving only a fraction of U.S. forces on the ground.

In 2017 a new initiative was announced by President Trump to continue the war against the Taliban, but in 2020 an almost full scale withdrawal was again scheduled.

The Afghan war had been placed on hold to allow a surge build-up to reverse a losing situation in Iraq, before keeping the previously announced date of departure from that country.

No successful agreement could be reached with the Iraqi government to leave a ten thousand U.S. military presence, therefore there existed no effective deterrent against an enemy filling the void.

The territory for which many American and British lives had been sacrificed was quickly lost to those who poured into Iraq from Syria taking city after city unopposed.

The visual image of a captured U.S. tank doing ‘donuts’ in the main street of a conquered city reflected the loss of military hardware to the enemy, reminded me of the dumping of U.S. helicopters in the ocean as our forces left Vietnam.

The British People Did Not Approve

The traditional British attitude toward returning to the region after British rule of the Middle-East, did not allow for sending in the British army or for the loss of one British life for any reason in Iraq or Afghanistan.

This is why the British people now regard former British Prime Minister Tony Blair with such contempt.

The Iraqi’s had foreseen the might of the U.S. military easily taking control of Iraq, and had stockpiled large amounts of high explosives in multiple locations, giving various groups the means to conduct large-scale terrorist activity against the American occupiers.

No Protection For Our Guys

These brave young men resorted to scavenging for pieces of heavy metal to weld on the floors and on the doors of their Hummers, attempting to stop sniper’s bullets and to save their limbs from being torn off by deadly roadside bombs.

Many were killed or maimed! Please support ‘’ or ‘Wounded Warrior Project.’

And now, what is the time of the end of man’s rule on earth, at the close of this prophecy?

The next verse, Daniel 12:1, says at the time of the resurrection of the just-at the point in time when GOD IN PERSON MUST STEP IN, to halt the total destruction of ALL life on earth!

The Longest Bible Prophecy

This prophecy begins with the kingdoms of Syria and Egypt, after the death of Alexander the Great 2,300 years ago.

It ends at the time of the first resurrection AS GOD IN PERSON STEPS IN to bring peace at last to the region and to the entire world! It is so plain, there can be no doubt of its correct application. Are you ready for that fast approaching event.

The section above is quoted from Chapter 7 of ‘Middle East In Prophecy.’ Be sure to read all of this short most informative copy on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Who Will Give This Warning?

See the book of Revelation Chapter 11 v 1. “Then I was given a measuring rod… and I was told, Come and measure the Temple of God” referring to the area of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem… “and the altar, and those who worship there.”

This also refers to the one true Church of God which Jesus Christ had established in Jerusalem, still in existence today.

It is a representative of the Philadelphia Era of that true Church of God giving THIS WARNING today! We are that close!

Continued – “but do not measure the courtyard outside the temple; leave that out, for it is given over to the gentile nations, and they will trample over the Holy City for forty-two months.”

The Confrontation In Jerusalem

Verse 3. “And I will grant ‘My two witnesses’ authority to prophecy for ‘one thousand two hundred sixty days'”… in humility. “These are the two who stand before the lord of the whole earth.”

They will be deposing the European-Vatican dictatorship who will have moved both their headquarters in Jerusalem.

Verse 6, indicates these two witnesses have been given similar powers to Moses, when he was deposing the Egyptian ruler who would not “let Israel go” from ancient Egypt.

Our nations as the descendants of ancient Israel will be suffering a similar national captivity in this generation!

Every Nation Will Be Watching

The eyes of the world will be on these two witnesses for a period of three and one-half years.

The scripture says “the world will see them,” indicating the use of modern MEDIA technology, as they confront the ‘European Dictator and the Pope’

The European dictator and the head of the Catholic Church will be claiming they rule the world from there in Jerusalem, as European cities will have been destroyed by then by Russian nuclear attacks.

Scriptures above from N.R.S.V.

God In Person Will Rule ALL NATIONS


See ‘Revelation Unveiled’ to understand these events more fully, found on Page 2 of the Library.

Picture the dramatic change to come in ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like’ on Library Page 1, and the quick Q&A version on Page 4 in ‘The Coming Wonderful World Tomorrow’.

Learn how you can survive the trying times ahead in the pages of the U.S. and Britain In Prophecy, ‘The United States and Britain in Prophecy’ found in the America And Britains Future Free Library.


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