I stood on Cocoa Beach, Florida some years ago to observe the Cape Canaveral launches of two SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets, the first a day time launch, and a night-time launch.

Listening to the intensive roar, and watching the small white-hot flame as the rocket soared through the vast blue sky on the first launch, it crossed my mind just how feeble our attempt to “conquer space” really is!

The night time launch was the most dramatic with a true rocket-like visual, complete with a red hot tail streaming through the 12:45 night sky.

This had been delayed from its original launch time by around fifteen minutes, with a longer window of opportunity than the first launch, which could have been delayed only THREE SECONDS otherwise the window to space would close!

The second launch carried equipment to improve Middle-East communications, which will also prove to be of great importance to the rest of the world in the future.

Explaining The Mission

Following the first launch, I was fortunate to have three of the SpaceX team explain the mission, and learned this was the launch of a NASA craft that would circle the moon for the next several years, searching for earth-like planets.

Please note, the head of the SpaceX rocket building team is a young German with a distinct German accent!

Only Eight Planets?

Until a short 25 years ago, we were only aware of the EIGHT planets in our own solar system! Today, anyone who has taken an interest in space exploration is aware of the endless discoveries, and the possibility of multiple millions or billions of planets to be charted!

Paul Hertz, director of the Astrophysics Division at NASA recently explained: “Since then we’ve found THOUSANDS of planets orbiting other stars, and we think that all the stars in our own galaxy must have their own family of planets.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your family could inherit such a group of planets, anything will be possible in the future!

We Will All Go To Space

One day in the not too distant future, we will be given the ability to populate the vastness of space!

As we mature to the point where we have overcome our human nature, not to use the development of rocketry and nuclear physics for destructive means, then we will have the physical limitations now placed upon us lifted, and ALL of SPACE will be opened to us!

I like to say “we will be given a planet each and space will be the freeway. But we will be traveling much faster than that, we will travel at the speed of thought.

There are billions of planets, and there are billions of us. And we will go to the stars!”

This is the surprising future the two incredible beings known to us by the collective name of God have PLANNED for all of us, to inhabit the endless creation, the vastness of space!

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