As China attempts to dominate the world, nations seek ways to protect themselves from Chinese aggression, and to reduce their reliance on the Chinese economic giant.

At the same time Great Britain is re-establishing ties with kindred nations, attempting to break free from EU control.

China’s Punishing Attitude

Because of the Australian government joining the rest of the world in calling for a full-scale inquiry into China’s release of the Covet-19 virus. The Chinese canceled huge purchases of beef, grains, and many other Australian products.

They also imposed tariffs on Australian imports, having a temporary crippling effect on the Australian economy.

A high ranking Chinese official referred to Australia as “A PIECE OF GUM STUCK TO CHINA’S SHOE.”

China has also angrily expressed the following over ‘The Five Eyes’ intelligence service of the US, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. A Chinese official stated: “FIVE EYES, TEN EYES, WE WILL PLUCK THEM OUT!”

All of this has offended the Australian people, and is forcing them to find a way to reduce future reliance on China.

Why are we continuing to enrich China by further trade with them, as long as this level of hatred is being expressed?

American Tariffs

President Trump retaliated against China for the continuation of unfair trading practices, with the introduction of billions of dollars worth of tariffs on Chinese goods.

A good example of China’s abuse was their attempt to destroy the American steel industry, by the dumping of cheap steel on the US market, and their failure to further open their market to US goods.

President Trump also enabled huge American Corporations, like Apple, to bring back Billions of dollars to be invested in the American economy. And by relaxing government controls and lowering taxes, a three and one half percent US unemployment rate was achieved!

This low unemployment figure was regarded as a zero rate, then the Chinese Corvid-19 crisis struck the world!

China’s President Jinping became upset over the change in the free world’s attitude toward China’s aggressive behavior, and some even suspect that the release of the CV-19 virus was to punish these nations for this!

European Union Leaders Hatred Expressed

One of the three Presidents of the European Union, made this hate filled statement against the British during the Brexit negotiations in 2019: “THE KNIFE IS AT THEIR THROAT, THEY ARE NOW ON THE EDGE OF THE PRECIPICE…,” as he encouraged EU negotiators to force the British into submission.

These supposedly cultured, ill-mannered, would-be intellectuals, lack even normal human respect for Britain.

They are offended over Britain’s leaving, when agreement to a few simple proposals made by an earlier British Prime Minister may have kept the fifth largest economy in the world, within their trade block.

The Chinese and EU leaders have both shown themselves to be haters of America, and the British descended nations.

How Soon They Forget

The British and American’s sacrificed the lives of those who fought and died by the thousands only a generation ago, to free the nations in Europe from Nazi-German captivity, and from the threatened world domination by Germany.

Look into the German domination of the European Union today, you will find the same “Deutschland über alles” attitude!

Meanwhile, these yet free independent democracies in Europe and in the rest of the world, now struggle to find refuge from the aggressions of China and the German led European Union governing bodies while there is still time!

China-European Union Tension

In October of 2020 a high-ranking Chinese official informed a German-EU representative on live TV, that “one EU country would pay a price” for having one of their government representatives visit the bravely independent Taiwan.

The German official rebuked him, and warned that the EU would support their member nations against all threats, even though the EU has been careful not to offend the Chinese in the past.

Australian, British, Canadian Urgency

And so we come to the urgency for Australia, Britain, and Canada to find greater strength in numbers, and to find alternate markets for at least some of their exports.

Britain relies on the EU nations to be permitted by their Brussels Government, to accept Forty-Two Percent of exports from Britain, even though they are no longer members of the EU!

Australia and Canada are over dependent on the sale of raw materials, grains, soybeans, and Australian beef to China.

A Reuniting of Kindred Ties

This still developing new world reality, has led to a potential reuniting of the core English speaking peoples, those who originated back in the British Isles.

Serious talks went on between Britain, which was the fifth largest economy, and Canada, the tenth largest, and Australia the twentieth largest, and New Zealand, the fiftieth largest, of the world’s economies.

The talks regarded the founding of a new global trade block which would become perhaps the second or third largest in the world, with the strength of all of their overseas trading partners behind them!

The new trade block with very similar national characteristics, perhaps complete with combined citizenship, and Armed Forces cooperation, would be referred to as the CANZUK Community of Nations, after C, Canada, A, Australia, NZ, New Zealand, and UK, the United Kingdom.

The area of these combined nations would be a massive 18,187,210 km. With a population of 136,649,000. With a GDP of $6.456 Trillion. With an impressive $46,000 per capita income.

It is proposed that there will be free fair trade between the four nations, as well as already existing legal and cultural ties, and not to be forgotten, the shared respect for their Royal Family.

This could not be happening at a better time, if they can agree.

The A S E A N Nations

In November of 2022, the announcement was made of another group of nations uniting to combat the ever growing threat of Chinese domination, and fear of military aggression!

This is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) a regional grouping of nations aiming to promote their economic wellbeing and security.

This would enhance cooperation amongst its ten members: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

These countries have combined to limit the aggression of China in their region of the world!

The US, Australia, and New Zealand, were also involved in these talks.

German Aggressions

It was the descendants of a man named Assure, from whom the powerful Assyrian Empire grew, that God used to conquer the Nation of Ancient Israel, having them literally dragged out of that land into a National Captivity for the breaking of His laws, and for their rejection of Him!

Since that time, the descendants of Ancient Israel migrated to Britain and Ireland, as well as to the Nations of Western and North-Western Europe. And to America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand,

The descendants of Assure migrated into Central Europe, and were re-named Germany, meaning ‘men of war’ by the Roman Emperor Caesar, after having TWO Roman Legions wiped out by them!

You may have read in history, of Caesar crying for his legions!

God continued to use the descendants of Assure to inflict punishment on our nations in World Wars One and Two!

A third punishment is soon coming with Blitzkrieg Nuclear Attacks on British and American Cities in this generation.

God’s Necessary Intervention

God’s soon coming intervention in world affairs will be highly necessary by the end of this present Nuclear Age Generation, as the world’s nations continue to form these Militarized Power Blocks!

The danger is not only the continuing aggressions of China. They will continue to build their domination of the ASIAN nations, and their encirclement of the Nations in the South Pacific.

Prophecy rules out a Nuclear Attack from Russia or China on our nations, they will reserve their Nuclear Weapons for the destruction of Germany, now nearing the acquisition of Nuclear Weapons for a first strike on the US and Britain!


Australia And New Zealand

No doubt either China or a Nuclear Armed Japan, will take Australia and New Zealand, once America is defeated.

After almost total destruction and three and one half years of national captivity, a loving God will save a remnant of all of the descendant nations of Israel, having them returned to Israel’s original location.

There they will display THE CHARACTER OF A GODLY NATION as a model to every nation, during the first one thousand years of The Kingdom Of God, soon to be established on this earth.

For those who bother to study the contents of the America and Britains Future Free Library, there is protection offered to you, by beginning to obey God’s laws now as a sign of your obedience to Him.

May a loving God be merciful to all as this world goes to Nuclear War, in this Nuclear Age Generation!

And may a loving God speed His correction of the mess mankind have made of all nations.


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