If living in Ireland you may well know this FABLE told to both Catholics and Protestants alike.

It is the untrue story of two young Princes frantically rowing toward an island having been told that ‘the first to lay hand on the island would become King.’ When one realized he was about to lose the race, he drew his sword and severed his right hand and threw it ashore claiming the Kingdom!

This is the untrue story of ‘The Red Hand of Ulster’ a lie told in order to hide the fact that the Irish people are direct descendants of ancient ISRAEL and that the Royal Lineage of King David was brought to Ireland!

The Birth of Royalty

At the time of the birth of one of Judah’s twin sons, ‘Zarah put forth his hand, and the midwife tied a ‘red or scarlet thread’ around the hand of the first baby to breach the womb.’


Read of this in your own Bible in Genesis Ch 38 Versus 28,29,30.

See: v 28. And when she was in labor, one put out a hand; and the midwife took and bound on his hand a scarlet thread, saying, “This came out first.”

v 29. But as he drew back his hand, behold, his brother came out; and she said, “What a breach you have made for yourself!” Therefore his name was called Perez.

v 30. Afterward his brother came out with the scarlet thread upon his hand; and his name was called Zerah.

Read the full story in ‘From Jerusalem To London’ in Chapter 3 titled ‘The People Of The Red Hand’ found on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

The True Story of The Flag of Ulster

The flag of Ulster, Ireland’s northern kingdom is a Red Hand, also found on many Coats of Arms in Ireland and Scotland.

This flag tells the true story of the history of ISRAELITE ROYALTY COMING TO IRELAND. And going all the way back through Solomon to King David, to Judah one of the twelve sons of Jacob who’s name was changed by God to Israel.

In Scripture we find that the family of Judah was made the Royal Family of the Nation of Israel, see Genesis Ch 49: 10.

v10. The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh-Christ’s return-come; and unto Him shall the gathering of the people be.

This is the true history of twin sons of Judah, one of twelve brothers, descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Israelite Royalty Brought To Ireland

A descendant of Judah of the line of King David’s Royal Family was brought to Ireland accompanied by the Prophet Jeremiah, the original Saint, and Patriarch of Ireland.

He brought the Princess SCOTA from Jerusalem to Tara, Ireland’s High Kingdom, also her son, by a prince of Ireland.

Her name was given to what later became known as the Ream of SCOTA, encompassing Ireland, old Irish meaning abundant land.

And Elba later named Scotland, after those who took her name. They had accompanied her from Jerusalem.

And Ellen Vannin, the Isle of Man. These encompassed the realm of SCOTA, and bore her name until the Tenth Century.

Later this same Royalty was transferred to Scotland establishing the Scottish Throne, and later to London, England, when the Scottish King James became James the First of England, creating the United Kingdom.

What Ancient History Reveals

See Ch. 2 of ‘From Jerusalem To London’ titled Jeremiah’s Divine Commission. On Page 1 of the Library.

Irish histories reveal that two princess daughters of King Zedekiah, were later connected with the people of Ireland. Scota and her sister, Tamar Tephi, perhaps a nickname given to one meaning Beautiful Wanderer, came to Ireland.

Ulster-Scottish records reveal that this ‘eastern princess’ Scota, married Niul, a Prince of Ireland and one of Pharaoh Hophra’s mercenary soldiers.

Scota lived for a few years as a Royal refugee under the protection of the Pharaoh in Egypt after the fall of Jerusalem. Hophra had a royal ‘house’ or palace at Tahpanhes, Egypt.

Read the true identity of the IRISH PEOPLE, the descendants of Dan, the brother of Judah, and one of the twelve brothers, descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who’s name was changed to ISRAEL!

Find this in ‘From Jerusalem To London’ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

The TRUE HISTORY Of The Irish People!

The Irish people are in fact one of the twelve descendant families of Ancient Israel. This truth holds tremendous significance for the immediate future of the Irish people!

Be sure to read your true in depth history, in ‘The Compendium Of True World History’ Volume 1, Chapter 18, found on Page 10 of the Library.

Here is the introduction: At first thought it may appear unusual that the Emerald Isle should have a recorded history far older than Rome. There is a reason.

Unlike Italy, for example, which for centuries felt the ravages of foreign invaders who drove out, in successive waves, each predecessor, Ireland remained under the continuous dominion of one people.

Irish history begins, not with the Tower of Babel, but at the end of the flood. Irish history is the only literature which specifically connects Israel with its past.

It has long been assumed that late monks invented this relationship under Catholic influence.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Catholic influence elsewhere never associated the ancient world with Israel — except the obvious case of Egypt.

And in Ireland the Catholic monks did their best to make it appear that Ireland was not settled by Hebrews at all, but by Magog! This Irish “myth” had its origin among the Catholic monks.

Understand Your True History And Your Future

You know the old saying “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” This could have no greater significance than in the case of the Irish people who have been lied to and abused for centuries!

Please spend time to read this precious true history of Ireland, and more importantly of the Irish People, as one of the descendant nations of ancient ISRAEL.

This has everything to do with the IMMEDIATE FUTURE of the Irish People.


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