Serious Fires And Flooding in N. S. W. And Massive Drought in Queensland.

Powerful fires raged in New South Wales beyond any human means of control during 2013. This has become an all too common experience for those living in endangered areas.

It is difficult to grasp the force of an exploding eucalyptus forest stretching over thousands of acres can have, and the devastation which is caused! Our hearts go out to those in harm’s way, forced to experience such destruction and possible loss of life!

Earlier in 2013 without relief from bush fires, the Australian people were hit with the second year of extreme flooding from Brisbane north to Bundaberg in Queensland as a severe weather pattern moved all the way down the East coast to Newcastle and Sydney in New South Wales causing massive flooding.

This is occurring again in 2022 as I review this article, I am sorry to hear.

Again In 2014

Australia, which suffers periodic drought in that difficult region of the world, was deep in drought in 2014. The huge state of Queensland, as large as France and Spain combined, was 80% in drought and would only produce 40% of its normal food supply. Much of the nation’s beef cattle for export overseas are grass-fed on the open range.

In these times of increasing upset weather conditions please remember those living in these tropical climates who often suffer such tragedies when emergency services are overwhelmed with one disaster after another, and the general population is left without any help and must find a way to survive the elements alone!

See the interesting ‘Drought, Floods, and Famine’ onPage 1 of the Free Library.


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