Recent Drought History

With another dry winter looming, California lawmakers called on Gov. Jerry Brown and President Barack Obama to declare a drought emergency and federal disaster in the area!

The ‘Great American Drought’ worsened, even in the WINTER months of 2012 and 13! Across the nation, 2012 was the driest year recorded in the past 12 years of drought. New reports show the huge drought-stricken area of U.S. croplands grew from 58% to 61. 2% in Oct. and Nov. of 2012.

By the end of May 2013 drought conditions developed further on the West Coast with the 2012 winter now recorded as the driest in C.A. history! River levels are dropping in the Pacific North West, with a reduction in already minimal rainfall all the way to Southern California.

Drying Up Over Twenty Years

During the last twenty years our nation’s water supply has begun to dry up! As one expert has put it, by drilling deeper and deeper in order to keep up with the dropping water table, “we are robbing our grandchildren of their water supply”!

The Mississippi river is so low additional excavation is necessary and now the normal release of water from dams built on tributaries is being reduced, which threatens to lower the river by an additional 4 feet 6 inches!

In the winter of 2011 the American continent received 46% of snow coverage, in 2012 it received only 19%. The New Year revelers in Time Square removed their heavy jackets as they rang in the New Year.

In the South-Western U.S. where water is always in short supply, experts say the prolonged drought is threatening to completely dry up the 100 miles of freshwater stored behind the Hoover dam by the year 2021 leaving millions with NO WATER SUPPLY! The Colorado River is running at half of its capacity since the dust bowl years and the 2012 winter failed to bring needed snowpack.

Huge Weather Changes

Everyone is talking about the change in the weather unsuspecting that this will eventually cause a massive reduction in American farming and industry. And will over time destroy American life as we know it!

Because of the inexplicable movements of the Jet Stream which determined the rains that normally fell on U.S. croplands, the rains no longer come as normal.

Into Canada As Well

For years the drought on the American continent has extended far into northern Canada and all the way to southern Texas, 90% of the state was in drought during 2012, causing herds to be slaughtered and 5 billion dollars in farm losses. High winds quickly blew away any snow fall this winter, until suddenly 21-inch snowdrifts formed during a blizzard in the Pan Handle!

Droughts, Floods, And Famines

Droughts, floods, and famines have been occurring for thousands of year, but on rare occasions in order to correct the descendant nations of Israel who we are, God introduces a national drought which begins slowly over decades, totally drying out the nations farmland and the dwindling supply of water – which in our case today.

This will finally cause millions to die from disease epidemics in our large cities and through lack of food and clean drinking water, YES, HERE, in the United States and Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even in England’s green and pleasant land!

Believe it or not Britain and America will suffer a huge loss of life during a MASSIVE DROUGHT. As Britain and America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand watch this occur, believe that God does exist and through this corrective punishment we are being warned of a coming World War Three military defeat!

Coming German Aggression

Germany, now the leading nation in Europe, will find a ‘chink’ in our aging defenses, and in a final attempt at world domination, will strike our nations!

Be sure to read ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy‘ and ‘Drought, Flood And Famine’ on Page 1 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library.

Our nation’s leaders simply do not know what they are causing! Let’s begin to live by God’s laws to avert a national tragedy, or so you personally may escape it!

Watch Ken Burns production of ‘The Dust Bowl’ on PBS stations to learn just how bad the drought was in the 1930′ and to know how bad this situation will become in future years!


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