This is the modern way to reach the American, British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand people and the world!

See these 60 second Soundbites on the Homepage made to run on Drive Time Radio, and 24/7 on Radio and Television.

‘Massive Drought’ ‘God’s 7000 Year Plan’ ‘The Reason For Human Life’ ‘Truths Of God’s True Church’ ‘What Are God’s True Holy Days’ ‘EU Middle-East Invasion’ ‘The US And Britain In Prophecy’ ‘From Jerusalem To London’ ‘Beyond Brexit’ ‘A Warning For The Deutschlanders’ ‘EU-German Nukes!’ ‘A Thousand Years Of World Peace’ and more.

This is how to reach this generation of America, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the world!

You will not get this Nuclear Age Generation to listen to someone standing behind a podium dressed like a posh businessman holding a bible in his hand, looking like a Sunday Morning Evangelist!

We need to change our presentation in the 21st Century!

I have made these one minute Soundbites specifically for this purpose.

Notice the neutral accent, a little bit British, Australian, Canadian, and American, with a Scottish speech pattern, acceptable to everyone. Do you think this can be done by someone with an American accent?

To be honest the world does not want to listen to an American trying to tell them anything anymore.

This cannot be done using only a small fraction of GOD’S TITHE, as these church leaders are doing on a Sunday Morning. Using only 5.5% of total income by one larger group!

So, Who Am I?

I am British and American. I have lived in England, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and in the U.S. for many years.

I am Nothing! Nobody! But I am also the CEO of America And Britains Future, established to represent the Philadelphia Era of the Church of God in the 21st Century after associating for years with Raymond McNair, Carl McNair, Debar Apparition, Colin Adair, and Roderic Meredith, founding Evangelists of the original Philadelphia Era.

My mission statement is to reach our nation’s and the world with the warning Jesus Christ wants them to receive!


Christ and the Apostles did not do this. “Think about it” as Roderick Meredith used to say. A little humor for you!

Do you tune in to these religious channels? No, probably not, neither does any average American, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealander, certainly not the British.

But this is all the Church of God is offering on Jesus Christ’s behalf most of the time! Shame on YOU!

Those leading these groups have failed to unite God’s People! They have failed to fulfill the Great Commission given to the Philadelphia Era, to reach the world with God’s truth! And now they are in the Laodicean condition!

These Men Will Never Get This Done

A WARNING must be given to the American and British people, to Western and North-Western Europe and the world!

Present church leaders and those under them, have failed to spend God’s Millions of Tithe money to reach our nations! This money has been spent within the churches and on their executive lifestyles!

Now they feel “rich and increased with goods and in need of nothing” feeling totally self-sufficient! They continue to act as though they belong to a church with ‘Hundreds of Millions’ of God’s Tithe money.

They will never reach the nearly Half a Billion people in our nations today! They have not sacrificed to purchase Media time, and are still wasting Millions!

You will wake up in the soon coming destruction of our cities, and in national captivity! Please wake up now!

It is time to reunite those truly awake Philadelphians of God’s Church in order to do a real WARNING work!

To The Ministry

If you are a Minister in charge of God’s people, not to act now to reform the Philadelphia Era may well cost you your life, and the lives of your flock in the great tribulation, about to strike our nations in this generation. Please wake up!

Time To Walk Away

It has always been necessary for those with God’s Spirit to walk away, leaving those allowing God’s Spirit to wane.

This is the way it has always been throughout the history of the Church of God!

With those having God’s Holy Spirit separating themselves from those causing the work to FAIL!

Jesus Christ commands us to separate ourselves from those who will remain in the Laodicean condition.

Those Philadelphians reforming their Era will be HALF, according to Jesus Christ in Matthew Chapter Twenty Five.

This Critical Point In Time



Come out from under these men who have failed us all by not reuniting the Body of Christ, and have not used the Millions of God’s Tithe necessary to warn our nations of their coming destruction! Shame and disgrace on you!

Jesus Christ will give a revived Philadelphia Era ‘That Open Door To Radio And Television That No Man Can Shut!’

God The Father has promised to call “Laborers Near The End Of The Day” to help get this final WARNING out!

We Will Soon Stand Before God

As the Church of God, we will soon stand before Him to give account. And it will be the Philadelphia Era ‘given the open door to warn our nations’ who must give account for our success or failure!

Play your part in uniting those awake in Philadelphia. Christ will tell you “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

Brian Harris

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