Are we simply victims of the evolutionary process here to experience momentary conscientiousness, or is there a reason and a purpose for each of our lives?

Einstein believed in the existence of a Planner – Designer, Darwin persuaded some away from the necessity for a Great First Cause. Churchill believed there was ‘a purpose being worked out here below,’ but could not explain that purpose.

Consider the following, in Genesis 1:26, this statement is made: “Let US make humankind in Our image according to Our likeness…”

And speaking of the One who was placed in charge of this process, “…He was in the beginning with God, all things came into being through Him…” John 1:3. “…and the Word became flesh and lived among us” John 1:14.

He became”…The FIRSTBORN within A LARGER FAMILY.” Romans 8:29. n.r.s.

Two Incredible Beings

These TWO incredible beings began the concept of the family, becoming the first ‘Father and Son’ beginning ‘The Family Of God’ and ‘The Human Family’.

This process will later achieve a much greater purpose in Gods’ seven thousand year plan being worked out to enlarge the God Family, to be expanded to thousands and to millions and later to BILLIONS of all who have ever lived!

This Is The Reason For Human Life!

Another Incredible Truth

But there is another incredible truth to learn. In order for you to become a member of God’s Family, another BIG PROMISE is made, that ‘YOU will be given the ability to live forever’! John 3:16. Romans 8:17.

At first here ‘on the earth,’ “…and they will reign on the earth! Rev 5: 10. Later to populate every planet as God shares everything that the Head of the Family will give to His descendants, the vastness of space!

Why Do The Planets Exist?

Not following the false concept of winging our way to heaven as an immortal soul as the Greek philosophers brought back to Greece from Egypt, later accepted by the Church at Rome, which is starkly in contrast with the scriptural ‘resurrection from the dead on the earth’ at Christ’s return!

We are to BE LIKE GOD to be made of a body which does not deteriorate and die. We will become members of the Family of God!

These TWO great beings are in the process of reproducing themselves in each one of us, ALL who have ever lived will be given the opportunity to become a member of the GOD FAMILY and YOU will love it!

Much More Proof Available

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Be prepared for many more surprises in reading through the titles in the free library, this will be a truly exciting eye-opening experience for you. Learn about ‘your future’ and the final happy peaceful outcome of America And Britains Future in the America And Britains Future Free Library. ENJOY.


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