As with the attempted Muslim invasion of Europe, with millions from the Middle-East trampling down Europe’s borders, we witness a similar Catholic invasion of Protestant America and Britain.

In the case of Great Britain, their emigration policy was to admit thirty thousand migrants every year before the Eastern European nation’s joined the European Union. But in compliance with EU rules, the free flow of labor forced Britain to admit Three Hundred Thousand mainly impoverished and unskilled migrants each and every year!

Even After Leaving

Even after leaving the EU and making an attempt to correct the situation the more than two million arrivals in recent years continue to cost the nation huge amounts of money. They are allowed to receive the same unemployment benefits and housing as the British people on a long waiting lists, and are allowed to bring in relatives.

The scale of the invasion into this geographically small island nation has become unbearable, plus having to deal with an estimated two hundred thousand illegals from outside the E.U. nations!

This was a major factor in the drive to recover control of Britain’s borders. And added greatly to the call for Britain to be able to formulate its own immigration policy once more!

Needed: A New Home Every Four Minutes!

It is estimated that the British government needed to build one new home every FOUR MINUTES in order to house these people!

Just one more abuse of Britain by the E.U. government, encouraged by the Vatican to increase the Catholic population by the millions within this Protestant nation!

The Fight To Keep Britain In

The struggle to reverse the British referendum result was intensified with former Prime Ministers including Tony Blair coming out of political retirement claiming the need for a second Brexit referendum hoping to keep Britain in the E.U.

Mr. Blair incurred the wrath of many in Britain after leading the nation into two unnecessary wars. He then saw an opportunity to regain his fallowing and perhaps to achieve his final political goal!

Blair gave up his Protestant religion becoming a Roman Catholic in order to enhance his chances of becoming President of the European Union after serving in in this position for a nominal six months rotation of E.U. nations.

In spite of such egotism, the British people continued their struggle to regain the right to exist as British Citizens maintaining the heritage given to them by God in the British Isles!

See the short version of ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

The Invasion Into The U.S.

In 1975 there were Ten Million legal residents of Mexican descent living in the United States, in 2017 there were forty million and counting. And with what has been a totally penetrable border with Mexico during the past thirty years, a broad estimate from eleven to possibly twenty million are now living in the country without documentation.

This huge increase of approximately SIXTY MILLION has raised the Roman Catholic population in the Protestant United States to more than twenty percent of the population, and in some states such as California to more than half!

California To Declares Independence

Believing the U.S. Federal Government has been weakened as it has been infiltrated by more than forty Jesuit-educated State’s representatives in the U.S. Congress, and with many Catholic representatives in the State Legislatures, the drive has begun to take California out of the Union!

California’s two-time Governor Jesuit trained Jerry Brow announced that the richest State in AMERICA will become a ‘Sanctuary State’ for illegal aliens in conflict with the Federal Government which had outlawed Sanctuary Cities.

An item was placed on the ballot for California to leave the Union in order to become an independent Nation, or to join with Mexico!


The belief is that in time it may be possible to, if not take Catholic control of the Federal Government ‘See VATICAN INVOLVEMENT IN U.S. POLITICS!’ then to dissolve The United States Of America!

The Catholic church now claims to be the largest ‘Christian church’ in the United States. Only because it is one organization under Vatican control, while the various Protestant churches are not centrally organized.

Why The Sudden HALT to Illegal Border Crossings?

Suddenly hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossings were halted, with the numbers REDUCED BY EIGHTY PERCENT just at the time President Trump was asking for millions to build a BORDER WALL.

This proves that the flow of millions crossing the border are controlled by the local Catholic priests in the dices in every Central American country! The Church areas had to be told to stop sending the usual hundreds of thousands, hoping that the Trump Wall would never be built.

Now that we have a new President who has promised to re-open the border it is estimated that there are Two Million innocent Roman Catholics ready to make the long dangerous journey!

As every Catholic priest in Mexico and Central America may be ordering those under their control in each local dioceses “YOU CAN NOW CROSS THE BORDER.”

The Coming End Of False Christianity

You may not know it but the Vatican is not only the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, but it is also the Capital of the Vatican State, a Country with world status and with emissaries sent to every nation around the world.

God condemns such behavior by those even masquerading as His true Church, and a soon-coming end to all such church organizations will be effected upon Christ’s return, including those regarded as Rome’s Wayward Daughter Protestant Churches, who have taken their pre-Christian practices from the Vatican’s Roman Calendar.

See ‘Truth About Christmas’ and ‘Truth About Easter’ and more on Page 2 and ‘Four Thousand Years of Easter’ on Page 11 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

The Final Roman Empire

The church at Rome has most recently involved itself in the formation of the European Union.

The final resurrection of the unholy Roman Empire of the German people with serious consequences for America and Britain as well as the nations of Western and North Western Europe as Germany has now taken control of the European Parliament and the building of a German-European Army by 2025 eventually complete with German Hands on Nuclear Weapons will cause an American and British tragedy!

Because of our nation’s refusal to return to obeying God’s Laws in our governments, in our courts, in our schools, in our churches, and in our homes, God will finally allow LETHAL military force to be used to discipline America and Britain with Nuclear Strikes against our major population centers and military installations!

Nuclear Strikes And Military Occupation

This will be followed by military occupation from Catholic dominated European and South American nations as the Vatican fulfills its archaic desire to take back the Protestant nations of the world, by ordering the military defeat and occupation of these Protestant Nations!

But, no length of German-Vatican world domination will be allowed for more than a ‘flash in the pan’ three and one-half years fulfillment of their dreams!

See: ‘Germany In Prophecy’ on Page 1 and ‘The Mark And 666’ on Page 2 and more on Page 11 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.



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