What is this thing between the American and British peoples? Why the love and admiration in America for all things British? Was it because the Beatles came to America bringing the British Invasion of rock musicians?

Or was it because that small island nation with its back to the Atlantic Ocean, stood its ground against the Nazi onslaught of German bomber fleets, sent to pound British cities into the ground and the British people into total submission and surrender to a tyrannical regime, less than eighty years ago?

Where Did The British and Americans Come From Anyway?

When an American gives their ethnicity, if white they check CAUCASIAN. Our historians have traced us back to an area located between the Caucus Mountains and the Caspian Sea, in northern Turkey today. Hence the Caucasian title.

They ended the search for our origins there, but if they had continued their search to just a few hundred years earlier, they would have found our ancestors enjoying the riches of their original homeland in ancient Israel!

We Received The Birthright Promises!

Why did the British with their Great British Empire, and later the Americans occupying the vastness of the North American Continent, inherit TWO THIRDS the wealth of the entire planet?

And why did the billions of people occupying the nation’s receive only one third of the rest of the worlds wealth? 

America and Britain are the direct descendants of two brothers in bible history Ephraim and Menasseh!

They received incredible birthright promises, first mentioned all the way back in the book of Genesis Chapter 35 Verse 11, of becoming one Great Nation and Company or Commonwealth of Nations passed down from Abraham to Isaac, and to Jacob their grandfather, whose name was changed to Israel.

Read this incredible history relating to the formation of the British Empire and the United States of America in ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy.’

This is the reason for the ‘Special Relationship.’

Lincoln’s Speech To The Nation

If we read Lincoln’s speech following the American Civil War, he mentions the tremendous wealth given to the nation.

Lincoln also gives the reason for the Civil War, this was not punishment for slavery as many believe today.


As many in the U.S. and Britain have forgotten God again today! God always brings a corrective punishment for this! 

Germany Will Have Nuclear Weapons

This is the reason Germany is in charge of Europe today! And why twenty three European nations are merging military units into the German Armed Forces!

And why Germany is building long range rockets in the European Space Project, with Germany offering to pay to acquire German-EU Nuclear Weapons!

This is also referenced in the ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ an exciting short read!

See also ‘AMERICAS FUTURE’ describing the formation of the United States of America, and how badly this will end. Both on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Where Did British Royalty Originate

Why so much U.S. interest in the British Royal Family, with millions of Americans tuning in for the marriages or the crownings of their Kings or Queens, along with TWO BILLION people from around the world? 

Perhaps because George Washington who was being referred to as ‘Your Excellency’ decided not to become King, leaving the American people devoid of the pomp and ceremony which comes with Royalty?

As a boy living in the British Isles, I watched Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation live on our first television set my father had purchased for the event.

Neighbors came to watch the first televised Coronation, while the argument continued over whether such a sacred ceremony should be filmed. The camera operators literally pressed the record buttons while the debate still raged.

Queen Elizabeth’s coronation can be found on YouTube, with the formality and ritual of this dignified ceremony dating back almost a thousand years in the British Isles.

This same Royal ceremony goes back to Scotland, and back to Ireland, where the Royal Lineage of King David was brought to from Jerusalem twenty-five hundred years ago. 

Scotia The Beautiful Wanderer

After the fall of Jerusalem in 587BC a daughter of King Hezekiah was brought from Jerusalem to ‘Tara’ the High Kingdom of Ireland.

Find this short history in ‘From Jerusalem to London‘ telling the love story of an Irish Prince marrying the King of Israel’s daughter, bringing a second line of the Royal Family of Judah to Ireland.

Be sure to read the true story of the Red Hand of Ulster in the Irish Category.

This was the beginning of those named Scots in Ireland, naming themselves after the Princess Scotia, 2,500 years ago.

Scotia would place her name on what was Elba, establishing the same Royalty in Scotland. And later naming Nova Scotia.

This Royal Family would be transferred to London, England, when King James VI of Scotland became James the First of England in 1603, uniting the two Kingdoms of England and Scotland.

Historians trace the British sovereigns back through the Scottish and Irish kings; from them we can follow their ancestral lineage all the way back to Solomon, and King David of Israel.

Taking Centre Stage

To learn how America and Britain were meant to take center stage just when they did, see several titles on Page 1 of the Library including ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ and the extensive ‘America And Britain In Prophecy.’

See the new ‘America’s Future’ on Library Page 1 for proof of God’s plan to fulfill His promise of national greatness given to Jacob’s eldest grandson Manasseh, whose descendants were given control of The United States.

The fulfillment of that promise has been completed. Now ‘God’s 7000-Year Plan’ is about to enter the One Thousand Years of coming total world peace!

But before World Peace is established by an All Powerful God taking control, we will suffer massive world upheaval.

See: ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like’ also in Q&A The Coming: Wonderful World Tomorrow!’which pictures in detail the peace and prosperity soon to come to ALL nations!



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