The US debt ratio is now well over 100% of GDP and remember, the Dollar is no longer backed by Gold!

Britain Avoided Lower Rating

A lower credit rating was avoided by Britain slashing 25% from government spending, in order to keep the interest rate on their massive debt low, this had already fallen to AA because of Brexit.

Britain’s Workforce

Only one-third of Britain’s 63 million population was employed, compared to almost half of the 300 million in the US.

The US National Debt continues to grow out of all proportion, steadily climbing beyond Thirty Trillion Dollars! The scale of this pales the debt of the Weimar Republic into insignificance!

The US has lost the highest credit rating for the second time in recent years. The debt will never be repaid!

Industry Left America And Britain

One-third of US industry has left the country since the 90s, as occurred in Britain during the 60s and 70s.

Two-thirds of the US economy is now service-related, with only 20% of US manufactured product sold overseas.

American workers remain the most productive yet only 11 million are employed in industrial production!

Higher Wages Making Sales Difficult

Higher wages help make US goods 20% more expensive given the current trading terms with many low-wage nations.

Today 75% of all world industrial investment takes place outside of the US!

The Huge US Economy

It is important to grasp the size of the US economy. Even in its weakened state the Gross Domestic Product was slightly smaller than the Chinese, Japanese, and German economies combined, although this has altered in the last ten years.

Much of China Still In Poverty

Much of what China produces is lower quality with a lower price tag, most Chinese still live in poverty with a combined family income of $2,000 per year.

Owed A Debt of Gratitude

During the last 70 years the US and to a lesser extent the British, have borne the huge cost of policing the world, and have given financial support to most nations, taking both nations from the largest creditor nations to the largest debtor nations, partly by bearing this heavy burden.

For this the United States of America and Britain are owed a debt of gratitude, and the support of ALL nations.

Moving Away From The Dollar And The Pound

With the existence of the Euro and the coming introduction of the B.R.I.C.S. Nations new currency backed by Gold, Oil, and other precious comedies, the writing seems to be on the wall for sizable devaluation of the debt burdened Dollar and Pound, as many nation’s will choose to deal in alternate currencies.

No accountability

The British and American financial crisis is only a symptom, the cause is the huge moral decline in our nations!

The no accountability, “the US 15 to 18 Trillion Dollar Economy is too big to fail, and too big to bail?” philosophy has caused the crisis and loss of trust by the rest of the world in the Dollar and the Pound!


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