In his speech that followed the January 2020 US – Iranian confrontation, President Trump stated that the US was then completely energy self-sufficient and that Britain, Germany, Europe, China, and Japan should become involved in safeguarding Middle-East stability.

The TIMES of ISRAEL reports Japanese Destroyer and aircraft heading toward the MIDDLE-EAST to protect Japanese interests in the Persian Gulf where one of their tankers was attacked by Iran.

Sending warships is a highly sensitive issue in Japan as the Japanese constitution allows for self-defense ONLY, bur Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had been gradually expanding Japan’s military role!

In Jan. 2020 a Japanese-operated tanker was attacked in the Gulf of Oman, for which Washington said Iran was responsible and urged Japan to join the US-led Military initiative.

The US Still Mounting Colossal Debt

President Trump was determined to rid the US of their colossal TWENTY-THREE TRILLION DOLLAR accumulated debt of 2020 now risen to THIRTY-TRILLION one year later! And getting rid of the Middle-East price tag may have been weighing heavily on his mind when he began to insist that twenty nations become involved.

But, inviting Europe, Japan, and China to ‘do their part’ along with other nations is actually fulfilling prophecy by drawing all nations into the Middle-East conflict!

Iran has was given an invite to visit the European Parliament and Germany – with troops already on the ground in Iraq is involved with the French and other nations in Europe as the stabilizing third party.

President Trump Showed Remarkable Restraint!

For a President who had a German father and a Scottish mother – not unlike my own Scottish mother I’m sure – I am surprised to see Iran completely intact this January 8th. of 2020 with US forces having fifty-two Iranian targets in their sites, one for each of the hostages taken by Iran during the Carter administration!

Even after warning the leading terrorist regime in the world “DO NOT RETALIATE” after the execution of their leading terrorist commander and Irans subsequent revenge missile strikes on two Bagdad Air Bases containing US Marines, President Trump simply tweeted ‘All Is Well.’

Then came the report of a crashed plain killing many Canadians and Iraqis two hour’s later. The shooting down of this was later admitted as an ERROR by the Iranians.

There have been several Iranian provocations including setting incendiary devices, causing two oil tankers to be abandoned in the Straits of Hormuz and the capture of a British tanker, causing the British Government to ask Europe to send in a task force of War Ships to protect shipping in the Persian Gulf.

So sending in a large task-force is something the new German Chancellor will be more than happy to do in the near future, this may already be planned! See ‘So, Who Goes In To Bring Middle-East Stability’ found in the Middle-East category.

Middle-East ALMOST In EU-German Hands!

You may remember the cry from FRANCE and GERMANY with huge contracts with Saddam Hussein when the Bush administrations went to war against Iraq making these lucrative contracts null and void. Three Billion US Dollars later the Germans and the French are once more making overtures to Iraq and Iran, with that rich thick black crude so close to the surface, the saying is “you could drink it with a straw!”

A Very Old Conflict Indeed!

In order to learn the outset of the Mullah’s resentment towards the British, the US, and the Israelis, we must go back into bible history, something totally disregarded by modern-day World Leaders and by their populations except in the Arab-Isralaeli world, yet the bible is the Western Worlds oldest History book.

The history of the offense which caused this smoldering hatred of today has not been forgotten by the descendants of a man called ISHMAEL the first son of Abraham, and the Father of the Arab Peoples.

At the urging of Abraham’s wife Ishmael was borne to her servant lady, as it was believed that his wife could not have children. Eventually, she did give Abraham a son named ISAAC.

And again Abraham followed his wife’s persuasion and sent ISHMAEL away in order to ensure that Isaac and his airs, Jacob who’s name was changed to Israel, and Joseph’s two sons Ephraim and Manissah – Britain and America today would inherit his fathers birthright promise from God.

His Wealth Given To America And Britain

This promise of a Nation and a Company of Nations passed down to America and Britain is first mentioned in Genesis 35:11. This would not be given to ISHMAEL Abraham’s firstborn son!


This BIRTHRIGHT SQUABBLE began, even though Abraham did give Ishmael an inheritance as he left his father’s home, apparently enough to make him a very wealthy man!

And God gave ISHMAEL a promise also that HE would have twelve sons and an Empire! This promise has also been fulfilled during the history of the Arab World!

But because he did not inherit the birthright promise which ISAAC’S descendants received, greater than that given to Ishmael, this began the longest conflict maintained by SOME of the Arab Nations still going on today against ISRAEL. And unknown to most Britain and America are the DIRECT DESCENDANTS of Abraham.

The Greatest Family Quarrel

Some – not all – still hold this grudge today, even unknowing the birthright promise this would have given them possession of what was the British Empire and America! NO SMALL BIRTHRIGHT! You would have retained a little jealousy yourself, would you not?


See Raymond McNair’s history of this contained in ‘SOLVING THE ARAB-ISRAELI IMPASS’ and his ‘AMERICA AND BRITAIN IN PROPHECY’ found on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

America And Britain In Prophecy is quite lengthy but very well indexed, all references are easily found, just click on each topic of interest. Such a great work done during Mr. McNair’s years of declining health.

I was pleased to be a friend to Raymond and his brother Carl. These two SCOTTISH – MANASSITES will receive very high positions in the coming Government of God.

Here is a section from America and Britain In Prophecy describing the extent of the inheritance which God gave the descendants of ISHMAEL through Abraham during their World Dominance for more than five hundred years!


Isaac and Ishmael

          The Arabs readily acknowledge Abraham’s son lshmael to be their father — as any one of them will tell you! God promised to make them “a great nation” (Gen. 17:20; 21:18). People might look at the Arab countries today and balk at this because — even though some of them are quite rich from oil exports — they are not a “great nation” now. They are fragmented. This isn’t what God meant when He made this promise to Abraham.  So is God unreliable? No! Arab greatness has already passed. But in its heyday, it was truly remarkable to behold.Louis L’Amour, the famous American author, described this period well. In his number one best-seller, The Walking Drum, set in 11th century Eurasia, he wrote, “In the space of one hundred years following the death of Mohammed in 632, the Arabs had carried the sword of Islam from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, holding at one time most of Spain, part of southern France the isle of Sicily, all of North Africa and Egypt, all of Arabia, the Holy Land, Armenia, Persia, Afghanistan, and almost a third of India. The empire of the Arabs was larger than that of Alexander the Great and of Rome …. Under the FLUSH OF GREATNESS… for more than five hundred years the Arabs carried the torch of civilization” (Bantam Books, 1984, pp.171-172).

Now consider what this means for Isaac’s descendants! If this is what God meant by Ishmael becoming a GREAT NATION — a vast empire, larger than Rome’s,  which preserved civilization through Europe’s Dark Ages — then just think what must have been in store for Isaac’s descendants, who were to inherit FAR GREATER blessings and become MANY NATIONS! Gen. 35:11. Certainly, no one can argue that this has been fulfilled by the Jewish people — ever! Nor was it fulfilled anciently by Israel in the Holy Land. It’s hard to even imagine that. So, then, was it ever fulfilled? The truth will astound you!

Be sure to read the title ‘Looking At The World Through Islamic Eyes’ at the end of ‘SOLVING THE ARAB-ISRAELI IMPASS’ for the balanced view of the vast majority of the Arab Peoples. We hear so much from the few extremists on both sides it becomes difficult to realize that MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of MUSLIM PEOPLES in a vast region of the world LIVE IN PEACE WITH THEIR NEIGHBORS.

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