When Britain left the European Union they drained financial strength away from those who control this shrinking Union.

But those leading the ‘One Nation Europe’ have a spiritual source to which they can go, giving these mere mortals the strength to carry on.

That spiritual source is described in prophecy as ‘the great false church’ headquartered at Rome.

The Treaty Of Rome

Sixty years ago those then involved in founding the European Common Market came to Rome to sign The Treaty Of Rome, beginning the assembly of the individual national building blocks into a trading and political power.

But it was not only the political will of those Heads of State who made this achievement possible.

Obeying Papal Command

The church at Rome had received its power from Emperor Constantine, and here it was ordering this Roman reunion!

The leaders of Europe obeyed the Papal command to “Unite Europe from the Atlantic to the Ural’s”.

This began the accomplishment of this feat, calling for the reunification of the un-Holy Roman Empire.

The British Obstacle

The seven hundred and fifty member European Parliament, housed in their huge glass and steel ‘Tower of Babel’ shaped edifice in Strasburg, is controlled by the German Chancellor, and by the Vatican.

The flag of the E. U. is taken from the blue background and twelve stars surrounding the shoulders of the Virgin Mary.

The European Commission

Today’s strongest governing body known as the European Commission with orders from the German Chancellor control’s the European Parliament, even though this is supposed to be the other way around.

Not unlike the obstacle which confronted the then German Chancellor seventy-five years ago, when Adolph Hitler viewed the British coastline, and ordered Hermann Goering to bomb the British into submission.

Once again it has been the British who have refused to be ruled by Germany and by the Vatican!

See The European Parliament Building

See the European Parliament Building on America And Britains Future Opening Video.

They have laid down terms to destroy Britain as a trading nation, in punishment for leaving E.U. control, making Britain an example to all other nations considering the same pathway as Brexit.

But as additional Protestant countries attempt to leave, ten predominantly Catholic militarized nations controlled by the great false church at Rome, will have them stopped by a German led ‘beast power coalition’ invading their nations.

The Vatican will also encourage the coming German Dictator to strike Britain and America with Nuclear Weapons!

See several titles on Page 11 of the America And Britains Future Free Library, concerning events soon to transpire, concerning this German-Vatican alliance.


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