America and Britain, Canada, Australia – Your Water Supply Is DRYING UP!

The winter of 2016 was the wettest on record in 150 years! Surprisingly such conditions are common during periods of decades long severe drought. Eighty percent of the rainfall in California drains into the ocean and in 2016 flooding has caused chaos and destruction nation wide!

Professionals say it will take ten years to recover if the drought does not return!

Producing half the nations fruit and vegetables and many other crops worth $41 billion each year, California remained 95% in drought in 2015 but has recovered its reservoir storage capacity which was down to 36% with water supply to major population centers threatened!

How Bad Was It?

The 2014 winter rainfall and snow pack was down by 80%. As one meteorologist stated, “It appears that a GIANT DOME has been placed over California!” Experts have determined that A SERIES OF INEXPLICABLE BLOCKS were being placed on the Jet Stream at high altitude, forcing the winter rains and snowfall to the north of U.S. croplands over several years!

The Northern California Water district had stopped supplying their water to 25 million people and one million acres of farmland, leaving areas of this heavily populated major food producing state to fend for themselves in acquiring water from over priced sources already in short supply. Tunnels have long been proposed in the San Francisco delta marshlands to deliver additional fresh water inland and to the state’s population centers, but this has been opposed by environmentalists.

The state of Nevada completed a six-year tunneling project below the declining water level of Lake Mead, installing a ‘bath plug’ to the bottom of this one hundred miles long reservoir in order to continue supplying the city of Las Vegas.

If the water level had continued to drop, the dams’ turbines would have been exposed above water, forcing an end to electricity production from several dams on the Colorado River supplying water and power to FORTY MILLION people. The river has been running at 50% of its capacity since the Dust Bowl years and has been in a 14 years drought!

The Governor of Washington State had declared an emergency with only 6% of normal snow fall in the Cascade mountain range in the two previous years, this normally supplies water to cities and Washington states’ valuable croplands. The same tragic condition had been occurring in the state of Utah.

Expanding Drought Conditions

These conditions had been developing over a prolonged period of time across the United States going almost unnoticed for more than a decade as the land slowly dried out. During the winter of 2011, the American continent received 46% of snow coverage but in 2012 it received only 19% and this trend continued in major farming states.

Drought stricken areas began in the croplands of northern Canada causing conditions which led to the Fort Mc Murray, Alberta fire completely destroying the city, and ran all the way to Texas, up to 85% in drought.

The U.S. drought expanded from 58% to 61% in 2012 and 2013/14 were two of the driest years in the last century. The condition in California was considered a 500-year drought threatening a large part of our nations’ food supply. Much of Californias’ drought centered on the San Joaquin Valley, the most productive farmland in the world.

The cost of feeding cattle had risen by three times and up to 80% of herds were being sold off. The state of Texas had a similar problem. The 2012 Texas drought cost $5 billion in farm losses, with herds being sold to cut costs, beef prices had risen by 7.1%. There was no good news on the horizon as 10 years of drought are predicted!

We suffered massive drought in much of our nation’s farmlands and three times the normal snowfall and flooding in the eastern population centers, being called the ‘arctic vortex’ dumping severe weather on most cities.


Australia is also suffering what they are calling a ‘mega drought’ which is predicted to continue years into the future. The state of Queensland as large as France and Spain combined has been in 80% in drought and will produce only 40% of normal food supply this year! This will eventually affect that nations’ food supply and will curtail exports to second and third world nations, causing much suffering there also This condition has been interrupted by areas of record breaking flooding.

Even LONDON, ENGLAND, Britain’s seat of government and one of the world’s largest cities with over thirteen million population, has a seemingly unsolvable problem. Forty-one percent of their underground water, which supplies 80% of the nation’s drinking water, is no longer being replenished partly because of industrial over use.

Global Warming And Gods’ Warning

Can the droughts and confusion in the weather be explained by GLOBAL WARMING? While proponents on both sides fight over the issues and some religionists cry ‘end of the world,’ understand the truth behind this mounting tragedy.

The industrialized nations continue to pour thousands of tons of carbon pollution into the air each year in order to produce an endless supply of goods with built in obsolescence, believing this is the only way to grow GDP and by this method create national prosperity, rather than manufacturing quality products with lasting usability.

A huge rearranging of the world’s system of productivity must take place in order to preserve the ecology and sustain human life on the planet. See ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like’ on Pages 1 and 4 of the America And Britains Future Free Library to learn how this will be achieved.

Droughts, floods, and famines have been occurring for thousands of years. But on rare occasions, to correct the descendant nations of Israel which include the U.S. and Britain, as occurred in the Dust Bowl years as a prelude to ‘war and possible national captivity’ a loving God first allows ‘terror’ and then introduces ‘a national drought’ that begins slowly over decades, totally drying out the nations farmlands and the dwindling supply of food and water.

See this detailed in Leviticus 26. Study this important chapter and as you read through you will find the three stages of correction which God uses, hoping with each event that our nations will turn from moral and spiritual decline and not need to suffer further. Look for #1 TERROR, #2 DROUGHT and FAMINE, #3 WAR and NATIONAL CAPTIVITY. Google Leviticus 26 to learn what WILL BE the outcome of these drought conditions in the U.S. and British nations!

Everyone is talking about the changes in the weather, unsuspecting that this will eventually cause massive reductions in farming and industry, and will over time destroy American, British, Canadian and Australian life as we know it!

WHY IS THIS OCCURRING: At This Time In Our Nations History?

For more than eight hundred and two hundred years respectively, the governments of America and Britain and the subsequent democracies which we have established around the world, have adhered to certain principles of moral behavior and higher ethics, making our nations the envy of the entire world. There has always been an individual breaking of the rules, but nationally, to a degree, we did our part.

Those nations whose populations have used the ‘Ten Commandments’ as their moral guidelines have been given such incredible wealth to enjoy over centuries. The rest of the world shares only one-third of the earth’s resources!

But now today, our nation’s and our nation’s leaders have been educated away from believing in God’s existence and therefore do not realize the significance behind the fact that many of our laws now directly conflict with God’s Law.

These educated men from the top schools in our lands have not even stopped to consider the CAUSE and EFFECT principles behind our economic crisis and the massive drought crisis which has been building for decades.

Could these recurring drought’s be the direct result of the CHANGES which they have made TO OUR NATION’S LAWS and our population’s willingness to accept these changes in the United States and Britain, Canada, Australia and other nations?

As we watch this MOUNTING TRAGEDY occur, realize that God does exist and through this corrective punishment, we are being warned of a coming World War Three military defeat!

Germany, now the leading nation in Europe, will find a ‘chink’ in our defenses and in a final attempt at world domination, this time at the head of a ten nation military coalition will strike our nations, as Germany did to Britain in the Second World War, taking Western and North Western Europe into national captivity following the U.S. drought known as the ‘Dust Bowl’ which preceded World War Two!

UNDERSTAND: The Principal Of DUALITY In Prophecy

This means, that which was brought to bear on our nation’s Israelite ancestors, including military defeat and national captivity for breaking Gods’ laws, will finally be brought to bear on us for doing the same thing!

Britain and America will suffer a huge loss of life during a massive drought that will finally cause millions to die from disease epidemics through a lack of sanitation, and a lack of clean drinking water and food supplies in our large population centers. YES, this will occur here in the United States as well as in Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

One home in seven in Britain sustained war damage from German bombing in the Second World War. There was national repentance with our populations turning to God for protection, but only after Britain’s freedom was almost lost along with millions of lives in that tragic war. We are warned that in the Third World War against the U.S. and Britain, the destruction will be intensified by seven times, with major U.S. and British cities being totally wiped out!

Our leaders simply do not know what they are causing as they continue to do away with laws which were based upon the laws of God, in an attempt to please those who are pushing for this. Begin to live by God’s laws to avert a national tragedy, or so some may escape what is to come upon our nations.

Watch Ken Burns’ production of ‘The Dust Bowl’ on PBS stations to learn just how bad the drought was in the 1930’s. Our present situation will become seven times worse. And for the first time in U.S. history, the destruction of our cities is possible!

See ‘Drought, Flood, And Famine’ and ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ also ‘Where Are The Nations Of Israel Located’ and ‘Germany In Prophecy’‘. See also the extensive ‘America And Britain In Prophecy’ all on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Please visit the Free Printable Library to print out booklets by the original Philadelphian Era authors. ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ and more.


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