Two billion people watched the wedding of Prince William and Catherine in 2011 and in July 2013 Catherine Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy causing celebration on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world!

He is George Alexander Louis, the Prince of Cambridge, third in line to the British throne.

And perhaps for the first time in British history three future kings of England came together when Prince Charles visited the baby and his father after the birth.

In 2012 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth celebrated 60 years as Queen of England becoming the longest-serving monarch. She is also considered to be Queen of at least 15 additional nations.

The Royal family also continues to represent the British Commonwealth of Nations constituting a Two Billion population of 85 member nations around the world, as her Majesty has pointed out to E.U. leaders.

Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation

I watched the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at a young age on British television on June 2nd, 1953. Much of the ceremony dates back to the crowning of the Kings of ancient Israel. It is well documented that the British Royal Family are direct descendants of King David through his son Solomon.

From Jerusalem to London

During the Royal wedding and also during the Olympic Games held in Great Britain in 2012, they sang the famous British song ‘Jerusalem’ asking “Was Jerusalem builded there in England’s green and pleasant land?”

Following the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC a second part of King David’s royal lineage joined those who had previously migrated to Ireland. This Royal Family was later transferred to Scotland and then to England.

See the conclusive ‘From Jerusalem To London‘ and ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’.

See also the extensive ‘America And Britain In Prophecy‘ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

National Characteristics

National characteristics are an interesting study. The innocent nature of many of the British people may be the reason God refers to the descendants of Ephraim, the younger of Joseph’s two sons, his father being Jacob whose name was changed to Israel, as being “the apple of My eye.”

Prophecy tells us through ‘duality’ that, today “The British-Ephraim is acting like a silly dove” and that the English people are ASLEEP as to what is to come upon them in the near future from Germany!

See BREXIT article: ‘Are The British Sleep Walking Out Of The European Union?’ found in Librarian’s Comments.

Learn how seriously our lives will be affected in Britain and in the U.S. by taking time to read the titles mentioned above.

The other famous English song which praised the power of the once-great British Naval Fleet, bragging “Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves, Briton’s never, never, never shall be slaves” will come back to haunt this present generation of the British people!

Please read the recommended titles for more information.

Librarian’s Comment:

During this present generation, the behavior of the few has caused Her Majesty pain. What a pity to watch those who would tarnish the excellent example which Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have always set the nation and the world.

God has determined that this Royal Family descended from King David will continue to rule until Jesus Christ’s soon coming return, when He will sit upon that same throne of David to rule all nations.


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