In 2023 the US has given Ukraine the ATACMS Tactical Missile System, and is sending F16 Fighters by years end.

Ukraine is already sending drones striking at the Russian Capital, proving their intent to take the war to Masco.

How much longer will it be before Putin carries out his repeated threat to use Nuclear Weapons, do we know?

Provoke this man no further, you may wake up one morning to find a Ukrainian City has been nuked!

And he may continue Nuking City after City, until Ukraine has been completely defeated. Please end this now!

Article Begins

Two hundred years of Czarist rule of Ukraine ended in March 1917, but an even harsher enemy was to oppress the Ukrainian people. Communist Russia inflicted mass-starvation costing the lives of up to seven million people!

Many who were starved to death had grown crops that were shipped out of the region to Russian cities. Then came the Nazi German starvation of the Ukrainian people during World War Two with two million deaths.

The wealth of Ukraine is again unfortunately proving detrimental to a peaceful existence.

The vast fertile farmlands of the region served as the breadbasket of the USSR, and the discovery of oil and natural gas in Eastern Ukraine has made it a target for acquisition by both the Russian Federation and the European Union, already dependent on Russian oil and gas to fuel its industry and to heat European homes.

The Borderlands

The term Ukraine translates to ‘border region or borderlands.’ The earliest mention of the term was recorded in 1187 and referred to several fortified border regions. Ukraine maintained the name due to its defenses against the nomadic Tator’s in the south. Some medieval Latin maps use the term Marganalia.

Later South Western Russia, from eastern Podolia to Zapozhie was subordinated to the Polish Crown in 1569. Ukraine was further established throughout the 16th and 17th Centuries and from the 18th Century the region became known as ‘Little Russia.’

The E.U. Wants Ukraine

The courtship of Ukraine by the E.U. was intensified with the offer of a huge loan to help the nation’s development, Ukraines new President stated “it is interesting to note that the colors of the Ukrainian flag are similar to the flag of the E.U.” The intent behind this statement did not go unnoticed by the Russian President.