It now appears that three of the CV-19 vaccines used in the United States contain male fetus material!!!

This is the first time in world history where material from human embryos has been used to create mass-produced vaccines to be shot into the arms of as many millions of men, women, and children, as possible!

There has been almost no MEDIA coverage of this, so the content of what is being administered remains a virtual secret to most people! And therefore there has been little or no outcry from the general public.

And how depraved this is with one of our nations great sins of sixty-one million abortions leading to another!

Defeating Abortion Opposition

The harvesting of this material will proceed year after year as we are being told there will possibly be a need for everyone to be vaccinated over and over again for CV-19 on a yearly basis to combat the new strains of the various!

So it looks like the producers of these vaccines have actually defeated the initiative to have our Supreme Court ever overturn the abortion approval ruling! If the twenty one week old mail fetus material is no longer available the vaccines may not be produced!

The Punishing Virus

Some now speculate that this virus was released by the Chinese Communist government to punish the US in particular for slowing China’s economic growth by 15% with the Trump billions of dollars worth of tariffs placed on Chinese goods.

The proponents of this theory cite the fact that the Chinese government restricted flights throughout China but did not ban international flights from leaving the infected area of China so that the virus would be spread around the world!

God Could Have Stopped It

We are God’s chosen people in America and Britain and in Western and North Western Europe, the descendants of ancient Israel! And we have been blessed with tremendous wealth and power.

And of course, with his tremendous power the One who formed the plants and everything you see around you, the One who became Jesus Christ could have protected the American and British people from CV-19 by limiting the spread, but He did not, because of our total breaking of His laws in the last few generations!

He may have allowed this as a prelude to the sequence of events about to unfold, bringing greater pressure on America and Britain to see the error of our ways, and to be able to see the events leading quickly to the end of this Nuclear Age.

In Nine Months Alone

Six hundred and seventy-five thousand died of the Spanish Flu epidemic in a nine-month period when American soldiers brought this back from Europe at the end of World War One to a population less than one-third of the three hundred and thirty million of today!

The deaths from this present epidemic as epidemics go may be dwarfed by the results of a nationwide drought coming in and lasting for years drying up water supplies to our major cities with not enough water to grow our crops, causing starvation in America and Britain!

Our Draining Water Supply

A drought is underway in all of the Western states and is now present all the way across the country from California to Florida and down to South Texas. It increased in 2020 and has lasted for more than a decade already with the water table of all of our underground viaducts dropping rapidly.

This may be the drought that will drain our mountain snowpacks and our reservoirs and the huge amounts of water needed to supply the massive cities we have built in America.

These series of events beginning with the virus, and quickly proceeding with prolonged drought drying up our croplands and depriving us of our plentiful food supplies may have more deadly results than the virus.

It Is God Who Controls The Weather

Historically God who controls the weather, has caused a drought preceding WAR as a warning to our nations to get back to obeying his laws!

Just as the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression preceded World War Two not long after the Roaring Twenties. This will also be the case in the future as our wild lifestyle rages on.

The Sins Of The Nation

Our disgraceful fifty percent divorce rate wrecking the lives of our families with unwanted children from previous marriages scattered everywhere – many of them homeless!

And the disgraceful abortion rate as mentioned earlier. No nation on earth has ever killed their unborn BY THE TENS OF MILLIONS-SIXTY ONE MILLION TO DATE! And now using fetal material to produce vaccines, how depraved!

See related articles for the details on the eighty-eight thousand up from sixty thousand in 2020 Opioid deaths plus the numbers addicted to and deaths from the cheap Fentanyl and Heroin coming across our southern border killing thousands more Americans!

The sixty thousand firearms deaths per year, more than forty thousand of these suicides! Plus the ten thousand murdered by firearms every year!

The pornography we have spread through our society and have exported around the world, exploiting the woman and men involved in this, corrupting millions of minds with sex addiction!

The forty thousand each year killed in road accidents, with hundreds of thousands seriously maimed and injured as vehicles are built lighter and lighter, becoming airborne in freeway accidents!

When racecar drivers can walk away from a spectacular two hundred m.p.h. crash on the track uninjured!

Forty thousand lives lost just in this each and every year causing much heartache to their families!

One Of The Most Destructive Sins Of All

One of the most destructive sins of all has been in the way our recent generations have been educated away from the understanding that an all-powerful family of God Beings does exist, and can spoil this messed up world’s day!

Please observe what follows next as you deceived teachers of the lie that there is no God, along with THE LIE OF THE EVOLUTIONARY THEORY are brought to suffer along with everyone else!

And you False Religious Bigots who have knowingly taught totally false christianity will have your hold broken.

These epidemics, droughts, and famines will increase as our six thousand years of man’s chaotic rule on the earth is ground to a screeching halt within feet of the end of our human runway.

This will end man’s Six Thousand Years of rule on the earth with a new age beginning!

What Does Jesus Christ Have To Do With This?

The American and British descended nations were given two-thirds the wealth of the world, the American people are only seven percent of the world’s population but they enjoy forty percent of the world’s wealth!

We were chosen by God to set this world the very best example, but in these recent generations we have rejected God’s laws, kicking them out of our Government lawmaking processes, out of our Law Courts, our Educational systems, our Churches, and our homes!

And we have forced other nations to follow our lead in setting the very worst example to the rest of the world – WHEN GOD INTENDED US TO BE A RIGHTEOUS NATION!

The Outcome of All Of This

Jesus Christ mentions in His prophecy in Matthew 24 “Unless the days are shortened – by the intervention of this tremendously powerful being – there would be no flesh saved alive!”

What an up-to-date prophecy from Him, because we have only just developed the means to erase all life on the planet by a Nuclear Winter within the last fifty years, with the development of huge Nuclear stockpiles.

Today we have been taught to laugh at anything related to the Bible, those who make fun of this WARNING will most likely not live to regret it with Nuclear Destruction on the way, yet we do survive!!!

Coming Peace Perfect Peace

So after almost total world destruction this very real being will intervene using overwhelming force to destroy every military force about to erase all life on earth! We will then head into the first ‘One Thousand Years Of Total World Peace.’

Just as Christ added in Matthew 24: “This generation shall not pass away before the end – of this Atomic Age – comes!” Looks like He has it right on schedule, and WILL intervene at the very last moment when all of our lessons have been learned!

But what a terrible time of huge world upheaval between now and then as correction comes first to America and Britain, followed closely by ALL nations being reduced in population size by two-thirds! It will be a time of unequaled tragedy!

Your Protection From The Storm

All that we need to be doing for the protection which Jesus Christ offers is to live by God’s simple laws, including the keeping of His Sabbath Day and the observance of His Feast Days explained on Page 6 of the Free Library and find the Calendar for these in the Reference Section.

And if God the Father has called us to understand His way of life and has given us His Spirit of Peace, and if we have been attempting to obey Him in all of this then there will be no need of our national correction in your case.

You and your family will have a place of protection, with no need to suffer this period of harsh corrective punishments now beginning to strike our nations.


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