Written pre-Brexit

Prime Minister Mrs. May attempted to betray Northern Ireland in the December 2017 Brexit negotiations with EU officials, by agreeing to sign away Northern Ireland’s right to leave all aspects of European control.

But in a last-minute stand Northern Ireland’s Unionist representatives in the British Parliament issued their own NO DEAL Announcement!

The ten Ulster Unionists had accepted the responsibility of keeping the British Conservative party in power earlier in the year, and knowing they would withdraw their support if May forced Northern Ireland to remain, she returned to Number 10 Downing Street with no agreement, even though she was prepared to issue a check payable to the insolvent EU for 50 Billion Pounds!

Prime Minister Johnson Conceded

Out of sheer desperation to be allowed to continue trading with EU nations Prime Minister Johnson CONCEDED, giving in to almost all EU demands with forty-two percent of British business depending on a new trade deal!

Against The Protestant Community

European Union negotiators have now won a victory for the Vatican, against the wishes of the fiercely pro-British in Northern Ireland, who have now been forced to REMAIN in the EU Single Market and the Customs Union, further separating Northern Ireland from Britain.

One of the main reasons for Britain exiting the EU is to have NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY restored, and to no longer being controlled by the European Parliament and the non-elected European Council and Commission, as well as the European Court of Justice.

The Commission not only writes the laws on trade between EU nations, but European law controls almost every aspect of life of the five hundred million population, of what will become the new single nation EUROPE, with seventy percent of British laws already having been written by the Commission!

A Further Capitulation on Gibraltar?

The Spanish Prime Minister paid Mrs. May a visit on December 17th. 2018, with no formal announcement on the future status of Gibraltar being made. It is part of E.U. demands that Spain MUST be SATISFIED in regard to Gibraltar’s future, before the new TRADE agreement can be ratified, suggesting that Britain must surrender the Rock to Spain!

Following agreement and Britain’s departure date from the E.U. the border with Spain quietly came down. A big step towards giving away this still important Sea Gate!

World Trade Organization Terms

Given ALL of these STRONG ARM tactics by EU negotiators, I would ask why the British government would believe that the EU would ever allowed Britain to trade with THEIR twenty-seven member nation-states on World Trade Organization terms, if the British government finally did WALK AWAY from the negating table?

All that would have been required to disallow any further British trade with the entire Continent of Europe would have been a prearranged ‘NO’ vote to W.T.O. Terms by the majority of the strongly ANTI-BRITISH European Parliament!

Where would that have left Britain? It was reported that German industry was told to prepare for a HARD Brexit.

The German-controlled European Parliament may have been prepared to sacrifice the sale of Germany’s majority share of the 850,000 automobiles and many additional manufactured goods purchased by Britain!

Germany enjoys a Fifty Billion plus trade imbalance with Britain every year, which E.U. government officials were prepared to sacrifice, in order to SINK what German industrialists refer to as ‘Treasure Island’ rather than allow other would be LEAVE nations to see the E.U. defeated by the British!

One Good Thing: Habeas Corpus Preserved

‘Innocent until proven guilty’ was to become a thing of the past in British Law, replaced by ‘GUILTY until proven innocent’ under European law. This was to be introduced in Britain, so now that the separation has been made and the British government has voted to control its own law-making, this may not happen? Try to introduce that in the U.S. Canada, or Australia for example!

Joining The Euro, And An E.U. NUCLEAR Armed Forces!

According to a ‘State of the E.U.’ speech by its previous German President, appointed by the German Chancellor:

#1. All future nations joining the E.U. will be forced to join the Euro, in order to bolster this presently sagging currency.

#2. A EUROPEAN ARMED FORCES is to be built with Army, Navy, and Air Force by 2025. It was reported the British Government is attending talks on this even though they were leaving the E.U.

It has been indicated that GERMANY is prepared to pay for a NUCLEAR ARSENAL built from French and British stockpiles! This is the only reason Britain has been invited to participate in these talks, having been excluded from attendance meetings on various other E.U. matters!

Denmark has already refused to join the new EU Army, but to date 23 nations have signed up to contribute. A newly posted photo of the New 10,000 strong ‘E.U. Border Guard and Coastguard’ wearing a dark blue uniform, and E.U. insignia was released in late January 2021.

Prophecy foretells there will ultimately be 10 nations involved in the hardcore European Armed Forces, and to this effect the German Army has already begun to integrate units from former East Block countries. ALL of which are Catholic nations controlled by the Vatican!

It has been suggested that roadways all across Europe should be hardened to accommodate heavy military vehicles!


The Deadly Split With Germany

We are now watching the BEGINNING of the DEADLY SPLIT with GERMANY and BRITAIN & AMERICA which will lead to WORLD WAR THREE sooner that you know! Our leaders consider Germany an Ally as GERMANY prepares for WAR!

This is the beginning of the formation of what is described as a ferocious “BEAST POWER” MILITARY FORCES WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS! It will be used with other modern weapons of mass-destruction against Britain and America!

This will come as a full-scale invasion of Britain is ordered by a NEW GERMAN-EUROPEAN DICTATOR set over the Half-Billion people in EUROPE.

A Powerful Dictator President to Emerge!

The precedent has already been established for a powerful President Dictator of Europe to Emerge!

The three Presidencies controlling the E.U. Government are to be merged into one powerful Presidency with unlimited POWER! All of this with Vatican approval!

What has been coming into fruition is the last resurrection of the Holy Roman Empires of The German People!


God’s Promise of Britain And America’s Future

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These titles give proof of God’s plan to fulfill His promise of national greatness made long ago to Israel’s descendants. The US and British descendant peoples, the nations of Western and North-Western Europe and Ireland as well as the descendants of Judah.

The fulfillment of that promise has been completed. Now ‘God’s 7000-Year Plan’ is about to enter the traumatic time during the merge into ‘the 1000 Years of coming world peace’ when God will reestablish all of the descendant nations of Israel back in their original location!

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