The Economic And Political Giant

The European Union is the outgrowth of the European Common Market nations, originally formed to improve European trade and in particular to ensure a constant state of peace between the nations of Europe, and eventually to develop a rival power of equal proportion to the U.S.

Forty years later the European Parliament has become a socialist political giant housed in the new European Parliament building in Brussels. The lawmaking body of the E.U., and the European Commission had already dictated seventy percent of current British law!

Consecutive British governments have allowed Britain to become overly dependent on European trade, still controlling imports of forty two percent of British goods to E.U. nations, and can halt these imports at any time wrecking the entire British economy.

Even more shockingly, Britain’s sixty-three million population now depend upon shipment of THIRTY PERCENT OF BRITAIN’S FOOD supplies from Europe EVERY SINGLE DAY in order to feed the British people. 

Being the major financial contributor to the E.U., Germany controls every nation within the borders of the old unholy Roman Empire of the German people, now almost half a billion population, with a long list of additional nations attempting to qualify for either associate or full membership of the largest political and economic trade block of nations on earth under one flag.

Still Trying To Escape

With the Brexit vote, the British people tried to escape the European Parliament’s political control, while maintaining tariff-free trade with the E.U.

In order to halt the dissolution of the new single nation Europe, the European Parliament is now demonstrating its destructive power over any nation daring to escape!

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