Christ’s present description is given in the first chapter of Revelation.

Rather than the long haired weakling depicted by artists who have created a totally imaginary likeness of Jesus Christ, these artists and the movie makers of today break the second Commandment and by doing so they make a mockery of one of the two most powerful Beings in existence, as well as all that relates to God.

This does not mean that we cannot know His appearance from scripture. He does not leave us in ignorance as to His appearance, but we are told not to make any images of God or create any artists impressions of angels or anything which is in heaven.

In the first book of Genesis, God says “Let us make man in Our image.” So our physical form is like Gods’ yet we do not have the ‘Spiritual Being’ appearance of God the Father and of Jesus Christ.

You may be shocked when you read of the appearance of this incredible being. He was not and is not the effeminate weakling who’s likeness some want you to carry in your mind!

Be sure to read this in Revelation 1:12-20.

Michael Angelows Error

Christ is not the dead, long haired, thin skeleton like creature that Michael Angelo and others have painted. His depiction of both Jesus Christ and Angels are totally fictitious, as is the painting of ‘the last supper,’ which wrongly depicts the occasion of the taking of the Passover to be held only once each year.

All of this is in keeping with the church at Rome’s false teaching of Bible truth, and their spreading of these false images of Jesus Christ and Gods’ created spirit beings, all of this inspired by the false god of this world.

From scripture we know that Jesus Christ did not wear His hair long, “cleanliness tells us it is a shame for a man to wear long hair” wrote one of the original apostles! We are told that “our Lord came from Judah,” Jewish men did not have long hair and neither did the Roman occupiers in Israel.

Long hair was worn by the tiny sect of the Nazarene’s who had taken a vow not to cut their hair. Jesus Christ came from the town of Nazareth but He did not join this cult. It was not until the third century that Christ was depicted as wearing long hair, in keeping with the Greek and Roman Gods.

He worked as a carpenter, most carpenters in Israel back then as today worked on home building, these homes were built of heavy rocks and wooden beams.

Handling these materials to age 30 would have made Him a strong robust build. Carpenters were also responsible for the overall layout of most buildings and also built the arch support structures that the stone masons followed. Similar to those in the Roman Coleseam, built by sixty thousand Israelite slaves.

The Powerful God Family

Today, Jesus Christ is a member of the powerful Family of God and will soon become head of this world’s one governmental structure which will last for an initial one thousand years. He will eventually oversee the redevelopment of every planet in each solar system and will rule the population of the entire vast universe!

Be sure to read ‘THE REAL JESUS’ on Page 1 of the Library for more eye opening truths about the real Jesus Christ! See ‘Who Will Rule Space‘ on Page 3 of the Library.

The God family is described in ‘The God You Can Know‘ and ‘Our Father‘ on Page 3 of the library.

See the very informative short commentary on ‘The 10 Commandments especially the chapter on the second commandment,’ and ‘Gods’ 7000 Year Plan‘ on Page 2 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

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