President Trump’s inauguration speech displayed the strength needed to lead the American people in the early 21st Century.

It was one of the shortest inaugural speeches ever given, but one of the most honest in telling it like it is, as our nation lies burdened with the greatest national debt in world history! His speech also gave hope to the nation’s unemployed.

Speaking of the loss of our industrial strength he said, “Rusted out factories are scattered like tombstones across the land.” and ” …For many generations, we have prospered other nations and strengthened their defenses while our wealth disappeared over the horizon… But this was in the past, we look only to the future.” … “The time for empty talk is over, now arrives the time for action!” …”We will bring back our wealth and bring back our jobs, we will get our people off welfare and back to work.”

From Now On America First

He issued this decree “to every City in every Nation… “from now on America first, America first…” And offered opportunity to ALL Americans …speaking of the poorest child born in the nation he said “They are infused with the same breath of life by the same Creator …We Stand On The Brink Of A LITTLE MILLENNIUM.”

“The crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our nation of so much unrealized potential, this American CARNAGE stops right here and stops right now!”

He told the American people “This moment is your moment, it belongs to you, the United States is your country… It matters whether our government is controlled by the people, and this nation is controlled by its people again… by the just and good demands of a RIGHTEOUS people… and God WILL protect us.”

Early Reactions

The angry expletive-laden response from the former president of our trading partner to the south had already displayed the underlying resentment toward anything but the present SIXTY BILLION dollar trade imbalance with that nation. And from their current president, with a popularity rating of only TWELVE percent, similar sentiments were expressed, if only to pacify his people.

The hand that has fed the world since World War Two is now hated by almost all nations it seems, and the need to rebuild the American economy and infrastructure, and the steps necessary to do so, will continue to cause outrage around the world, especially from Europe and South America, and not only toward the man who shows the guts to take on the task!

Will An Economic Miracle Be Possible?

If an economic miracle cannot be performed there is little hope of paying down more than the interest on the TWENTY TRILLION now risen to a THIRTY TRILLION DOLLAR national debt, promised to be paid in legally binding entitlements of more than ONE HUNDRED TRILLION DOLLARS and welfare payments on top of that!

Concerned About The Debt And Trade Imbalance

The actual amount owed to other nations is a small portion of the massive debt figure you hear regularly quoted, compared to the majority of the debt, which is owed to the Federal Reserve bank. The president’s concern was with the imbalance of payments on trade with other nations.

The first step to begin paying down the Federal Reserve debt, which may have doubled in the last eight years because of fighting two wars and halting a total economic meltdown with the mortgage crisis and the huge increase in the cost of social programs, is to create MILLIONS of jobs.

Although American corporations had initially responded positively to the demand to halt the further move of industry out of the country, this may only have been the act of throwing a hungry dog a bone in order to avoid being bitten by high import tariffs.

The same can be said for the gesture to invest from Japan, as long as those giant ships are allowed to continue off-loading BILLIONS in imports of tax-free goods, while American exports to Japan are halted by huge import tariffs!

If the Margaret Thatcher government’s attempt to rebuild the British ‘Rust Belt’ created in the sixties and seventies sets the example, the closed factories are still closed and those jobs never returned!

The present low interest rate of only two percent on America’s debt is predicted to rise to a more normal five percent which the government will need to borrow! No nation in world history has ever escaped total financial collapse carrying a fraction of our incredible amount of debt, still increasing at more than two billion dollars per day, another estimate is A MILLION, A MINUTE!

A Mocking World

I had a personal encounter with a polite German lady in my local Starbucks, she had been reading a German Newspaper or Magazine online that morning, and related the contents of a cartoon depicting President Trump signing his Inaugural Documents, ‘with a jar of crayons at his elbow’ as though he were an illiterate child. “I hope you didn’t vote for him” she said apologetically.”

No, I didn’t vote for either candidate, as it is the custom of the Church of God not to become involved in politics, I made no reply.

This is the mocking contempt with which any American who dares to stand up for the country will receive from now on, in what the scriptures refer to as ‘the time of the Gentile nations as well as from many of those from foreign nations living amongst us. Gentile:-none descendant of ancient Israel. See ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ on Page 1 of the America And Britain’s Future Library.

As With Brexit

Concerning the British exit from the European political and trade organization. If you haven’t noticed, and you need to, this is exactly how the British people and their government are being treated, as they are to be punished for leaving the European Union.

Unfortunately for America and Britain, it is a condition that will become more and more acute as eventually one last round of World War is unleashed against our nations by our former trading partners and enemies in World War Two.

Remember the old adage ‘WHEN GOODS STOP CROSSING BORDERS ARMIES DO!’ What is coming will be NO exception. Not caused by the outspoken President Trump, or the equally as provocative and humorous Boris Johnson of Britain, but by a European Total Dictator.


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