It is a proven fact that what became known as ‘Arab Spring’ was as much to do with a cry for help from the starving millions in the Middle-East as it was to do with an Islamic takeover of Governments.

A Fifty Percent Unemployment Rate!

In Egypt for example, with a FIFTY PERCENT unemployment rate and wages set at the equivalent of a few dollars a day, a head of households major responsibility is to be able to purchase enough wheat each day so that the family can eat an evening meal!

U.S. Grain Prices Rose

Since the U.S. government ordered that a percentage of ethanol, made from grain, is to be added to each gallon of gasoline, grain prices abroad began increasing at the rate of 50 to 60% each year in these poor countries! And because of the Egyptian governments unwillingness to subsidize the purchase of these basic necessities the starving in the population took to the streets of Cairo.

I Visited India And Egypt

I visited India and Egypt going through the Suez Canal in the early nineteen-sixties. Since then an entire generation has been born and has suffered premature death, with life expectancy at only 37 years on the Indian continent!

Go to and United Against to help with some of these most urgent basic needs.


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