As you read the important information contained in the America And Britains Future Free Library you will find that America and Britain, the nation’s of Western and North Western Europe including France, are the descendant nations of ancient Israel, chosen by God to set the nation’s of the world the best example. Israel was told to be ‘A HOLY NATION’

The United States and the British Empire, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand controlled two-thirds of the world’s wealth, and still does control a degree of world dominance. But we are now following the same destructive path as our Israelite ancestors.

The 9/11 attack assaulted the older generation’s assumption that the American homeland was protected by God, and that somehow fair warning would be given in time to avert such a tragic event.

Many from the British Commonwealth were lost that terrible day of the World Trade Center terrorist attack.

Some may have stopped to look for a deeper meaning behind this tragedy, but many it seems did not.

Within a few short years the ‘liar loan’ mortgage scandal broke. Up to 90% of worthless home mortgages created by Wall Street, the first time Wall Street was involved in the Home Mortgage business, provided during the housing boom had been bundled into Triple A Bonds and 80% of these were sold around the world.

This could have caused the failure of major banks in each Nation, and the failure of the entire world economy!

DUALITY In Prophecy

Many prophecies are written in DUALITY with an early and a later fulfillment, relating to today’s modern descendants, and because God does not change His WARNINGS to us remain the same as His warnings to ancient Israel.

“If you break my Commandments, I will do this to you. I will appoint TERROR over you” Levi. 26 v16. This is why He allowed the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attack.

This was carried out by ancient Israel’s oldest enemy, coming from the same region of the world!

Read of this in ‘Solving the Arab-Israeli Impasse’ a 50-page in-depth study found on Page 1 of the Free Library.

A Warning to The American And British People

This has had recurring fulfillment throughout history as the beginning of the first of a series of THREE CORRECTIVE STEPS which will be used by a loving God, in order to have his chosen nations realize they have now dangerously departed away from keeping His laws!

The same scriptures tell us that because of miseducation destroying our belief in God’s existence and power, our population and leadership will refuse to receive any WARNING or advice, telling them how to insure our nations protection from TERROR ATTACKS and coming Nuclear Destruction.

We should return our nation’s written laws, and our Moral Behavior, to obeying GOD’S LAW, to be once again based on God’s Law the 10 Commandments, and the Statutes and Judgments, as they were when Britain was founded almost one thousand years ago, and from the founding of The United States of America.

THE NEXT CORRECTIVE PUNISHMENT is laid out for us in the hope that we will return to living by God’s laws, enjoying peace and safety in the US, Britain and France, as well as the additional nations which have suffered. If not, we are told “I will make your sky as brass with DROUGHT AND FAMINE” Levi. 26:19.

This is happening now in the US, Canada, Australia, and coming to Britain. See the history of Drought and Famine, and the history of the worldwide destruction of our croplands in the informative ‘Drought Floods And Famine’ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Earlier Corrective Punishments

After the ‘Roaring Twenties’ the Midwest suffered serious drought, the Dust Bowl, similar to the growing US drought condition of today. This was accompanied by the Wall Street crash.

World War Two began in Europe. France, Belgium, and Holland, and North Western European nations went into national captivity to Germany, and Britain was nearing defeat!

Pearl Harbor was attacked causing fears of an imminent West Coast invasion. This began the US involvement in World War Two.

Churches were filled to capacity as our peoples called on God to save our nation’s.

God heard that appeal and gave our nations victory, but not until we had paid a tremendous price in American lives, and in the lives of British allied modern day descendant nations of ancient Israel.

The liberation of France, with Charles De Galle’s return to walk down the famous Champs-Élysées in Paris is remembered, as part of our victory celebration over the German domination of Europe at that time.

The Germans Our Disciplinarians

But as our national sins have grown out of all proportions since World War Two, once again Germany has risen to economic, political, and now military power, completely dominating Europe once more!

Germany is now building long range rockets in the EU See Project and they have said they will pay forNuclear Weapons.

They are building a new European Armed Forces, MERGING UNITS OF TWENTY THREE EU NATIONS INTO THE GERMAN ARMY as a repeat of history unfolds!

It will not be China or Russia who attacks us with Nuclear Weapons! It will be our old disciplinarian Germany!

Our Nations Must Be Warned!

NOW WE MUST BE WARNED, that after mounting drought and FAMINE has taken a huge toll in human life in the United States as well as in the British nations, we are to suffer military defeat and NATIONAL CAPTIVITY!

As the final repeat of DUALITY in Prophecy. “I will lay your CITIES WASTE…. I will devastate the land…. And YOU I will scatter among the nations!” See Leviticus 26:31. These THREE corrective punishments are coming to our nations today, because of our bad behavior TODAY!

During World War Two, one home in seven in Britain was damaged by German bombing and Germany had built the ‘America Bomber’ which on trial runs had flown across the Atlantic within 20 miles of New York.

Had the war not ended when it did, a fleet of these would have been completed and the City of New York would have suffered the same fate as London and other cities in the British Isles!

But after only 75 years, history is beginning to repeat itself one last time!

The British Have Been Given So Much

My wife and I visited family in England and took the traditional Sunday drive, visiting the point where Oxford, Wilts, and Gloucester Shires meet and were impressed with the beauty and the quality of the rich farm lands in that region.

The British have been given so much by God, yet today there is little recognition of Him, with only one in a hundred ever attending a British church service. These churches were filled to capacity during World War Two!

Future Worsening Drought In Britain

Because Britain’s water supply has always been assured, there is insufficient reservoir storage capacity. Although two reservoirs have recently been built, this will not be enough capacity to store up the nations water supply.

Above ground, the British drought may not look bad, but Britain’s underground water supply, which provides eighty percent of the nation’s drinking water, has been down more than forty percent, and is not being replenished today because of over industrial use.

Again be sure to read the informative ‘Drought Floods And Famine’ found on Page 1 of the Library.

WE HAVE HAD THE INITIAL 9/11 TERRORIST attack and attacks in the US, Britain, and France.

We are now in the worsening stages of MASSIVE DROUGHT in the US, Canada, Australia, and growing in Britain.

If we do not begin to rewrite our nation’s laws to again comply with God’s Law, ACKNOWLEDGE God’s authority over us, our nations will be dragged down to abject poverty by drought and famine!

You Have Been Educated Away

Because of allowing ourselves to being educated away, this present generation fails to recognize God’s existence!

If we do not acknowledge our law breaking, God will use Germany at the head of a ten nation military force in A FINAL WORLD WAR AGAINST US! God has used the descendants of Ashure who formed the Assyria nation taking ancient Israel into national captivity because of their total law breaking!

Why Has It Always Been The Germans?

Assure was chosen by God as Israels disciplinarian, to punish our nations throughout history. Isaiah 10:5,6.

After taking the ten Northern descendants of Israel into National Captivity as the Assyrian Empire, Assure’s descendants migrated to their present location in Central Europe, and became known as Germany, meaning MEN OF WAR, so named by Julius Cezar because they had wiped out two Roman Legions in their forests!

This is why we have had two World Wars come out of Germany, and one more totally destructive war is on the way.

Nuclear Attacks

Our major Cities and Military Installations in the US and in Britain will be DESTROYED by Nuclear Attacks!

This will have the force of the World War Two bombing of Britain intensified by seven times!

This time God will not give our nations the victory, because of the disgraceful behavior of some, and the acceptance by almost all of this present generation!

Because of our stubborn refusal to recognize His existence, and our refusal to live by His laws for our own good, setting the rest of the world the right example. Our nations will be destroyed and what remains of our populations will go into National Captivity, with much more tragic loss of life!

See ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ and ‘Germany In Prophecy’

Also see the extensive ‘America And Britain In Prophecy’ on Page 1 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library, for total proof of this.

Much Is Expected of Us We Are To Be Holy Nations

We in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have been given the wealth of the world! In the United States FORTY PERCENT of this is enjoyed by only SEVEN PERCENT of the world’s population!

Much is expected of the US and Britain to be the leading example to the rest of the world, to set the world the RIGHT MORAL EXAMPLE. The French have also enjoyed great wealth and are also failing in this regard! They are also experiencing terror attacks.

But, as we near the close of this Nuclear Age with its growing evils, we are nearing the beginning of the ‘One Thousand Years of Coming World Peace’ under God’s rule on earth!

Our nation’s morality has influenced the rest of the world in a downward spiral, we have changed our lifestyles and our laws IN DIRECT CONTRADICTION OF GOD’S LAW and severe punishment is on the way!

A Tattooed Mess Of Drug Abusers

Today, many in this generation have become a tattooed mess of drug abusers, crying out for the legalization of all addictive drugs, too addictive for anyone to control their use! Dying by the thousands, and reducing US life expectancy! Instead of living happy productive lives enjoying the tremendous wealth God has given them.

Because of the fifty percent divorce rate we have millions of unwanted children, many living on the street! Child abuse and incest are rampant in our nations homes!

Because we have destroyed our families, God says His people “HAVE RAISED S T R A N G E CHILDREN!” Some of whom are now slaughtering our children in their school!

It is reported that only one murder in every four is solved in America today! God tells us that “Because punishment is not speedy exacted, the land is full of bloody crimes” This is America TODAY!

Our nation’s are suffering the outcome of breaking God’s basic laws given to us for our own well being and success!

See the informative, ‘The 10 Commandments’ and ‘The Kingdom Of God’ on Library Page 2.

The Coming One Thousand Years World Peace!

For the GOOD NEWS of our future generations return to sanity, with peace in our homes, and in our cities, and coming World Peace, with incredible world wide prosperity, following this presently unfolding tragedy read the following.

See ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow-What it will be like’ found on Page 1 of the America and Britain’s Future Free Library. This has also been summarized to a short 30-minute read for your convenience.

This information is of such importance it is also found in quick Question and Answer form on Page 4 of America And Britain’s Future Free Library.

Be sure to read the short ‘United States And Britain In Prophecy’ and ‘World Peace: How It Will Come’ on Library Page 1 explaining America and Britain’s immediate future.

Read the new ‘America’s Future’ found on Page 1 of The America And Britains Future Free Library!



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