Living in California I still come across radio evangelists seeking out “new converts for Christ.”

These men are sincerely interested in having you “Come to Christ” in true repentance for your sins, and after “receiving Christ” having you become “Born Again” into a new life with Him.

This has been the main theme of American evangelism since men like Billy Sunday and later Billy Graham, the most famous of them all, having served seven presidents of the United States called upon America to repent.

Billy came to Britain where thousands stood in the rain night after night in the old Wembley Stadium to hear him preach.

What Does the Bible Say

What these evangelists preached is in the Bible, that is where they got it, and they have given that much to you.

So is it just a human failing that fewer and fewer have become interested in religion? Or have we realized that The Old Time Religion was lacking the rest of the story?

You may not have known that the Founding Fathers placed the Bible above the American Constitution, yet some of these great men questioned organized religion.

What Are The Failings of Organized Religion?

Few realize Christ was describing the coming One Thousand Years of World Government, under His rule as King!

He proclaimed this in the time the Roman Emperor ruling Judea, he was not only Emperor but was worshiped as god!

Yet Christ referred to himself not only as a future King, but also as the Son of God! That was enough to get Him killed!

Be sure to read the full story in ‘World Peace: How It Will Come‘ on Page 1 of the Library, a great read!

The so-called christian churches of this world still teach the counterfeit religion, concocted by unconverted men who still lead the great false church at Rome created by the Roman Emperor Constantine.

The Origins of Everything

I am a child of the Fifties and Sixties, I always wanted to know the origins of everything, even the origin of every single word. And because of this I taught my three sons never to use a word they didn’t know the meaning of.

For instance you may be aware of the most popular swear word used in America, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is so popular in Britain that I have heard it inserted into the middle of not just a sentence but a single word.

Sorry if this offends you, I do not use the word myself but if you have been around even young women today, this word is freely dispersed throughout almost every conversation, it has become a major part of the English language.

Where did this word originate and what does it mean? It comes from the German language, and in Germany it is not used as a swear word at all! It simply means ‘TO PLANT A SEED.’

So if you were to use this word in Germany its impact would be zero. The Germans have their own swear words.

Can We Come To The Point Here

You may ask what does this have to do with our subject? If you were to apply the same application to what is taught as true religion today, then it should be time to deepen your study of the origin of deceptive Christian teaching.

Is there more we need to know about the ORIGIN of what we have been taught in our Sunday Schools, and have heard in sermons in our Churches, and have had preached by television evangelists in our nations on a Sunday morning?

If you had read what Billy Graham told God before he began to preach, you would have been shocked!

He told God that he did not understand the Bible! But if God wanted him to preach, then he would do that.

It may have been that God was willing to open Billy Graham’s mind to understand the true teachings of Jesus Christ.

But he mistakenly accepted The Old Time Religion, which the Evangelical Seminaries had taught him, in place of what Jesus Christ and the Apostles actually had taught.

A Great Deception Has Been Perpetrated

If I told you the Christianity taught in America, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as the rest of the Christianized World is actually a false form of Jesus Christ and the Apostles teachings, would you believe me?

Why should you, what is taught in our Churches and to our children in Sunday School, is in the Bible isn’t it?

You need to understand that a very clever deceptive game is being perpetrated by a powerful entity, who continues to control this world and all of its religions, but his rule on the earth is about to end!

It will be later that God will give everyone true understanding of scripture, in proper meaningful time sequence.

What Happened To The Teachings of Christ?

The understanding of what Christ and the Apostles originally taught was quickly perverted by this powerful entity!

These deceptions were ordered into law by the Roman Emperor, who killed off or drove out those maintaining the true teachings of the one True Church of God established by Christ, headquartered in Jerusalem and never in Rome!

What we have as Christianity in America, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the world, are those deceptions.

You church leaders and evangelists need to look into this, or are you only Good Living for a living?

It is reported Billy Graham was worth more than Twenty Million, and his son Franklin receives almost a Million annually.

As one lady TV evangelist stated in his defense, “The Devil’s disciples are paid good, we deserve to get paid better!”

Your need to study the contents of The America And Britains Future Free Library, and begin to teach what you learn there in your churches, and on national television, before we perish as nations!

The Coming One Thousand Years Of World Peace

There is to come an initial One Thousand Years of World Peace under Jesus Christ’s rule on the earth, during which time the explanation of scripture in the Free Library will be taught in every nation.

For a preview, why not spend your time studying to have these true bible teachings explained to you now?


True Understanding

All will be given God’s Spirit, a portion of God’s mind, providing the help needed to understand true Bible teaching.

Every mind will be opened to understand the process that will allow you to qualify to enter the Family of God.

It is after this that everyone can be ‘born again’ as spirit beings, to become members of the God Family to live forever.

God Is Reproducing Himself In You

This is the reason for human life, what a marvelous truth that religionists have never understood!

Practically everyone who has ever lived will receive God’s free gift of Everlasting Life, there will be no more death!

We will live forever as members of the Family of God, and we will eventually inhabit the vastness of space!

This Was Why They Were Martyred

They taught the coming establishment of the World Ruling Government of God on earth! This was what got them killed.


Please pray with me that God The Father will open your mind now, to understand the true teachings of the one true Church of God founded by Christ, available to you throughout the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Listen to the series of short Soundbites and Podcasts found on the Home Page, these Sixty Second Soundbites are made for Drive Time Radio and for Television advertising space.

Be sure to read ‘World Peace: How It Will Come‘ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.


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