The spiritual descendants of the Church of God founded by Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, do not enter into politics.

But when we see the actions of anyone involved in what will lead to the overthrow of the freedom enjoyed by the American and British descendant peoples, we are obliged to speak out in our nation’s defense.

Why The Border Was Opened

On October 29th of 2021 world leaders assembled in Rome.

But before government officials could begin their meetings, the Catholic President of the United States of America, still the most powerful nation on earth and the leader of the free world, went to pay homage to the man who claims to be above all world governments.

The first of the extreme Jesuit order to hold the office of the Papacy received President Biden at the Vatican.

Papal Protection For Mr Biden

Mr Biden was protected by the Pope from the American Cardinals who wanted him banned from receiving communion because of his defense of abortion.

However, this serious punishment was not exacted following his meeting with the Pope.

But upon Mr Biden’s return to the US, the Southern Border was opened to all comers, allowing TEN MILLION and more, mainly Roman Catholics to illegally enter the country.

Obviously accepting the compromise to have the President opening the border, allowing millions of their own to stream in, the American Cardinals allow him to continue in the church, with no fear of further action being taken.

Very Innocent People

We have seen these very innocent people used as pons in a game, being shipped to locations throughout the US where they will be used to vote for the Democrat Party in the future, as this is the vehicle chosen by Catholic Church leaders to control the nation.

Save Us From Eternal Damnation

You may not be Catholic, and may not have listened in to one of their growing number of new Catholic radio station across the US, and may not want to.

But it is interesting to hear how fear of ‘going to an ever burning hell’ is still perpetuated within Roman Catholic Church teachings and church services, by the constant use of the expression “SAVE US FROM ETERNAL DAMNATION!”

In the minds of every Roman Catholic, being refused communion is a very serious matter indeed, leading to them being cut off from God’s mercy, and being denied what is called the Last Rights just before they die.

As a practicing Catholic, Mr Biden believes being refused communion may destine him to burn in Eternal Damnation! And like every other fearing Roman Catholic, he is doing everything possible to escape this punishment.

And in his case this means using the power of the President to OPEN THE SOUTHERN BORDER TO FELLOW ROMAN CATHOLICS, in order to please those who have the power to sentence him to suffer this supposed ‘Ever Burning Hell!’

Submissive Black

When President George W Bush and his wife Laura, both Protestant, made their appearance before the Pope, Mrs Bush was corrected on not being dressed in submissive black! The wearing of black is a requirement as an outward sign of submission to Papal authority! The Pope of course is dressed in white as a sign of his supposed holiness.

In actual fact, he is the head of the great false christian church established by Emperor Constantine, who had every pre-christian teaching incorporated into Catholicism, much of it accepted by today’s Protestant churches.

Yet the leadership of this religion claims to be the continuation of the true Church of God established by Jesus Christ, which was headquartered at Jerusalem and never at Rome.

See ‘Where Did The 12 Apostles Go’, especially Chapters 3 and 4, on Page 1 of the Library to learn that the Apostle Peter was NOT the first Pope, and had NO relationship with the false church at Rome, except to be taken there to be executed.

The Fear Placed in Catholics Minds

You may have heard the statement “Give us a child until they are six years old, and we will control them for life.”

Fear is used, in the belief that only the Catholic Priesthood can grant absolution before die. (Absolution proper is the act of the priest whereby, in the Sacrament of Penance, can free you from sin!)

The greatest fear of any Catholic, or Protestant for that matter, is to suffer for eternity in an imagined lake of fire!

Dante’s Inferno

The artwork by Dante was done as a mockery of Catholic teaching on the ‘Ever Burning Hell’ subject, but his artwork was so well done, that within a comparatively short time in Catholic Church history, it became used as a visual description of how those who were cut off from the church would suffer for eternity.

And this is what members of the Catholic Church including Mr Biden believe, and live in fear of!

What Does Scripture Teach?

Scripture teaches us: “For the living know that they will die… but the dead know nothing…” Ecclesiastes 9:5.

Christ and the Apostles taught that we do not go either to heaven or to hell at the time of deaths, but that WE SLEEP until Christ returns, and we are RESURRECTED to live again on the earth.

Hell is an English word. In the King James Bible, the Old Testament term Sheol is translated as “hell” 31 times, and it is translated as “the grave” 31 times. Sheol is also translated as “the pit” three times.

The farmers would dig a pit, line it with straw, and bury their potato crop to preserve it throughout the winter. They referred to it as burying their potatoes in hell.

Be sure to read the related articles on Library Page 5 to learn Christ’s clear teaching on this and other related subjects.

Modern Bible translations typically render Sheol as “the grave”, “the pit”, or “death”. This is the truth of the matter, Google it for yourself.

In the trusted King James Bible, this simply means going to your grave.

Believe the Scriptural teaching: “the dead know nothing…” Ecclesiastes 9:5.

Be sure to read ‘What Is Hell’ found on Page 5 of the America And Britains Future Free Library. This gives total proof FROM SCRIPTURE that Jesus Christ and the Apostles did not teach that anyone would suffer in an ever burning hell!

Have no fear Mr Biden, there is no ‘Ever Burning Hell Fire’ where soles are tortured for eternity.

Interpretation of scripture has been deliberately twisted to produce this ‘Fear Religion’ church doctrine, used to control millions of their innocent church members.

This IS The Reason The Border Was Opened

Especially at his age, Mr Biden’s fear of this false Catholic teaching IS THE REASON HE OPENED THE SOUTHERN BORDER TO MILLIONS of mainly Roman Catholics streaming across!

Being transported to every state, where they will be used to vote, to keep the chosen political party of the Catholic Church in control.

And in turn to keep the Vatican in control of these United States! Just as the Vatican is in control of those in government in all countries with a Catholic majority of voters.

I recently heard an innocent young Roman Catholic man explain in a radio interview, how on his first visit to vote, “The Catholic Priest came into the voting booth with me, and had me vote Democrat on all subjects!”

The Long Term Goal of The Vatican

The long term goal of the Vatican has been to take control of the United States and the British descendant nations of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Western and North-Western nations of Europe, which they lost in the Protestant revolt against the Roman Church.

This is no longer an archaic dream of the Church at Rome, but is seen now as an ever increasing possibility as these Protestant nations fall away from their religion.

The European Union Began In Rome

The formation of the European Common Market began with the Treaty of Rome. This was then forged into the political entity of the European Union. It is actually the last resurrection of the old Roman Empire and has been overseen by the Vatican since its original conception.

The EU flag is the circle of twelve golden stars on the blue background surrounding the Virgin Mary. And Sunday worship was officially accepted as the European Union’s day of rest decades ago.

This shows the Vatican’s influence over the EU’s seven hundred and fifty member Parliament, and almost half a billion citizens in Europe!

A Shock To The System

The European Parliament is housed within the massive aluminum and glass building in Strasbourg on the France-Germany border.

This government now controls twenty-six nations in Europe, and is overseen by the German Chancellor and the Roman Pontiff, in yet another Berlin-Vatican alliance.

The Papacy, the German Chancellor, the European Commission, the European Councils, and the Parliament, received a massive shock to their dictatorial undemocratic system when Protestant Britain left the union.

Britain’s leaving caused the loss of the most powerful democracy, after being unable to halt the slide to an ultimate EU dictatorship. The British government is no longer controlled by Germany and the Vatican!

And with the loss of Britain’s Fifty Billion Pounds contribution to the EU’s annual budget, already running a Fifty Billion deficit, shocked their system. But this unholy union continues on to its ultimate destructive destiny when a new European Dictator takes control.

It is no longer necessary for any British Monarch, Prime Minister, or British Subject, to yield to the authority of either the Papacy, the EU Commission, or its Parliament, or the European Supreme Court, although the court’s authority has not yet been removed.

Neither is it necessary to stand for the EU Anthem, or for its Roman Catholic flag. Thank you Mr. Nigel Farage.

Britain Suffering With America

But just as the US border is open to MULTIPLE MILLIONS streaming into the United States, similarly Britain’s Border remain open to over three Hundred Thousand to half a Million coming in every year, mainly from the East Bloch Catholic Nations in Europe, streaming into this already overcrowded still Protestant Island Nation.

It has been estimated that one person in thirty, has come to Britain in recent years!

It is also estimated that one new home would need to be built EVERY MINUTE to house them, so you can imagine the amount of overcrowding in Britain today.

But When We Consider History

Of course we have enough to contend with just feeding our families in the US and in Britain today with highly inflated prices of everything, rather than to spend any time to consider religious takeover of our nations, especially when religion seems to be on the way out.

But when we consider BIBLE HISTORY, we find that our permissiveness towards what is being allowed in our nations today, will finally lead to a National Captivity allowed by God.

Especially with the use of Military FORCE, always used throughout history by the Vatican. This time enforcing their Rule on Britain and America.

Just as Germany has been used in the past against us, this will be a return to the conditions which threatened Britain, when Germany was sent against us in TWO WORLD WARS, AND A THIRD WILL COME SOON, this time with the use of Nuclear Weapons.

And after much suffering the American and British descended peoples will be saved out of it with Jesus Christ’s personal intervention, believe it or not!

And those who remain will be combined into one nation, to be used to set the nation’s of the world the right example!


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