During the past two generations we have attempted several very costly social experiments and in the last ten years, we have begun to pay a very high price!

A minister from the black community recently made a very true statement regarding these attacks. If we can recognize the truth through honest observation you may be forced to agree. He said, “They took the Commandments out of our schools and now they need to install metal detectors.”

Gods’ Laws Not Taught

Five of the Commandments in the short form contain ‘only thirty-two words’ telling us how we should treat others.” YOU SHALL NOT KILL” would go a long way in preventing these tragic events today! “HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER” would save some parents lives today!

In half our nations homes children will have suffered through the loss of a parent in a painful marriage breakup and divorce, often blaming themselves for their parent’s problems.

They may have been moved from school to school adversely affecting their education and feeling helplessly lost, looking at a supposed dismal future the resulting stress sometimes turns to resentment and anger.

By late teens, they may already feel OLD and worn out at the point in their lives when they should be prepared and ready to take on further education or a well-paying job.

By then our teenagers will have already experienced defeat, with depression constantly hanging over them, many feel the need to escape through drug abuse believing their lives are already a hopeless experience.

NO Law To Live By

Then there are those who become violent and feel stigmatized when categorized by a psychiatrist, as experiencing such emotional outbursts as ‘TEMPORY RAGE SYNDROME’. Some of the expressions which the psychiatrists have come up with are almost humorous, except that they now carry such a lethal connotation!

Can something as simple as teaching the Commandments really prevent mass murders in school shootings?

Were there mass murders in our institutions as long as these simple laws were being taught to America’s children and punishing those responsible for murder was carried out speedily throughout our nation’s history?

NO THERE WERE NONE SO TRAGIC! We have been deceived by our ‘Legal’ and ‘Child Rearing EXPERTS’ and the price is now being paid in the painful loss of our precious children’s lives as well as others in these horrifying experiences!

Truth About Child Rearing

‘The Truth About Child Rearing’ found on Page 3 of the America And Britains Future Free Library gives the history of child-rearing in America since those in ‘higher learning’ began to tear down our traditional child-rearing methods.

They have misled our nation’s parents into neglecting to teach our children Gods’ Law! And “Because justice is not carried out speedily, the land is full of bloody crimes.”

Our school authorities have been forced to yield to rulings made in our nation’s courts removing all trace of GOD from our schools. Because of these court rulings God has withdrawn his presence and his protection from our nation’s schools and institutions.

Personal Proof

We raised three sons following the principles taught in ‘The Truth About Child Rearing’ and in ‘The Ten Commandments’ found on Library Page 2.

We went through all the challenges America’s modern school system and culture have to offer and survived, I know you would be pleased to meet all three. This is meant as encouragement to others to use these proven child-rearing methods.

A time is coming when the American and British people will return to teaching Gods’ laws to their children and no such crimes will occur, but unfortunately, Gods’ prophecies indicate this will not be until after our nations have been humbled by many tragic experiences in the years ahead!

They will have their national wealth and position in the world restored to them and will be glad to begin teaching Gods’ laws to the nation’s children, but only after they have learned many hard lessons!

The Hardest Way To Learn

It is sad to see the suffering which lies ahead for the nations we love, unfortunately, this will affect our children and our children’s children, as punishment for the nation’s sins are visited unto the second and third generations and more. Why must we suffer further!

Copy the short form ’10 Commandants’ for your children to learn, all of these 67 words! Both the short and long forms are found in the ‘Historic Docs’ section.

“Bring your children up in the way they should go and when they are older they will not depart from it ” this is a very true statement.

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