Each day we have something to celebrate no matter how little, it’s still a lot more than the billions of people have in the rest of the world. Always look on the bright side. It could always be a lot worse…..

Having food to eat and not going hungry is something to celebrate. Having your eyesight, and hearing, and taste, touch, and smell, all a lot to celebrate. There are ONE BILLION starving on earth today, could that come to us?

World Poverty

Glad I got to see cities in Italy, in Djibouti on the Horn of Africa, in India, and in Egypt, on my way from Britain to Australia at an early age. All of these nations are still living in poverty to this day. All of that generation died a l o n g time ago, around age thirty seven in most of those countries.

We were the lucky generation in America and Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and in the nations of Western and North-Western Europe and in Ireland-meaning bountiful land. We are the descendant nations of the Birthright Promise of wealth and world power given to the family who obeyed God’s laws, they became the very prosperous Ancient Israel.

And here we sit in these nations! We are less than TEN PERCENT of the SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE on the earth today enjoying two thirds of the worlds wealth! The population of the US is less than SEVEN PERCENT of the worlds population and ENJOYS FORTY PERCENT OF THE WORLDS WEALTH!

And all that we hear today are the complainers, who enjoy more wealth than they ever would, had they been born beyond these shores!!!


Sometimes on occasion when I listen to this constant whining, I feel like using a very common expression.

Scripture tells us as a character builder too ‘swear not at all’ and I have never made a practice of it. So just let’s say “shut up and be thankful you live here in the USA or in one of the British descendant nations, no matter how you got here.”

The poorest Americans enjoy so much more than those in the rest of the world, and it was Jesus Christ who said “The poor are always with us.”

And those who I hear expressing hatred for perceived or real injustices within these countries will also lose these lands when the time comes. So, express some thankfulness for being here even as you continue tearing down America and Britain, Canada and Australia!

Except for the minor wars we were dragged into with a Fifty Five Thousand loss of life in Vietnam, and having our young men torn to pieces by roadside bombs in Baghdad, shame on those who took us there. We have gotten away with peace at home, and have not yet experienced a homeland Nuclear Attack!

We have lived between World War Two and World War Three. Some will die of natural causes, probably ill health and of old age in the near future, but many will die of the coming famine and disease brought on by a prolonged DROUGHT in our nations, before the coming Third World War.

Even so our generations have enjoyed the Good Life, living in the USA!

We Were Given Our Wealth

We in the US and the British descendant nations were given 2/3rds the wealth of the world to enjoy as an inheritance.

That is why we have all of this. It didn’t just fall into our laps as the world thinks. It was given to our forefathers because of their obedience to God’s law, His way of life, and now the majority in our nations have turned away from that way of life! And so it will all be taken away, that is part of the law.

And now in the USA where the poverty level has been set at Twenty Thousand Dollars several years ago, much higher than any other nation, paid for by the hardest working tax payers in the world! Each of us should be expressing our genuine thankfulness for all of this, rather than tearing down the nation God has given each of us to live in.

No matter what race, creed, or color, we were brought here to experience the American way of life, to enjoy all of this, just before it ends. So let’s be thankful for ALL of it.

Lets be thankful for today, and for living in the USA!

All Things Must Pass

You may remember the scene from one of the ‘Back to The Future’ movies when the main character played a guitar progression-really a digression from the Fifties ‘Rock and Roll’-a sexual expression. And because he had been to the future, he then played all the way through to the wailing guitar of the Jimmy Hendrix experience!

The kids on the dance floor stopped dancing, and stared at this character on stage in disbelief and disapproval, as he stood there in the silence with the guitar held high! This is how we have all been led in a much slower digression, not realizing we were being led into disobedience to God’s laws that were giving us our American prosperity!!!

Now because of our lawbreaking ‘all things must pass’ as George Harrison wrote. But we will remember this part of our lives f o r e v e r.

God Is Reproducing Himself In Us

There is a little understood magnificent project going on, on planet earth! That is God reproducing Himself by the billions! And this incredibly Powerful Being is watching over us! Even as we are in the process of our own self destruction, by our constant breaking of His laws.

He has determined already to intervene to stop the destruction of all life on earth.

And has already started on a series of corrective punishments against His Birthright People, which will destroy our nations, because there will be no National Repentance this time.

But He will not totally destroy our entire populations, leaving alive what is referred to as ‘A REMNANT’ of every nation to begin a new united states, to be known as the Kingdoms of God on earth, which will begin to grow from the area around Jerusalem to encompass the populations of all nation which will last forever.

It is coming fast now! Soon we will be there! And let us be thankful to God for that.


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