I glanced at a ‘Beatles’ poster on my way into the theatre. Unknown outside of Liverpool they received polite applause, then stepped back into the shadows as Helen Shapiro the star of the show came on stage.

That night the Beatles played backup, but the ‘magical experience’ which Paul McCartney speaks of was about to enter the Beatles recording studio as they began their rise to fame.

I visited Liverpool several times in those days sailing the Mersey River and the Irish Sea, traveling to and from Ireland and the Isle of Man on my way to the British Midlands.

Lived in Birmingham, West Midlands, Witney, Oxfordshire, the City of London, Ashford in Kent, and in Brighton, on Englands South Coast, as well as visiting Bricket Wood, near St. Albans in Hertford Shire.

Paul At The White House

At a White House concert Paul McCartney shared how ‘Yesterday’ had come to him in a dream!

After two weeks of attempting to find who had written the song, he said “I decided to claim it.”

Many of today’s ‘song writers’ have had similar experiences!

Yesterday became the most popular song of all times recorded by over 600 artists, and will bring in royalties along with hundreds of Lennon&McCartney songs, helping Paul to become the first Pop Music Billionaire!

Hungry For Success

After suffering years of financial hardship in Liverpool and in Hamburg, Germany, where they often lacked enough money to buy food, the Beatles were hungry for success.

One story from back then tells of Lennon and McCartney arguing over whether they should spend an extra penny to pay for jam on their toast at breakfast and stealing loaves of bread in order to eat! After having some success a friend commented that they had put on weight, George replied “because we can afford to eat!”

Even after having hit records in Britain, they were forced to pay almost all their income in taxes, inspiring George Harrison’s song ‘Tax Man.’

Paul found himself low on funds, with him and his family living in a partly renovated farmhouse in Scotland.

It was not until they arrived in the US, where tax laws allowed them to keep their incomes tax free as long as the money did not leave the country, that The Beatles became wealthy.

Becoming A Bad Influence

Unknown to the Beatles, with their joking good humor and open admissions of pot-smoking, and cocaine use, were chosen by a higher power to help lead many of the once stable British and American youth into drug abuse!

This caused the destruction and the deaths of many of these young people, and endless heartbreak for parents!

England In The Sixties

I remember living in England in the sixties where even in small villages young people would be found each morning lying dead by the roadsides because of overdosing.

In the ‘Beatles Anthology’ they make several references to their drug abuse.

George Harrison mentioned them smoking pot as John drove the Beatles in his psychedelically painted Rolls Royce filled with pot smoke as he picked up Paul and George on the way to recording sessions, and falling out of the Rolls at the Abbey Road studio.

George talked about being shown his brain tissue, c r a w l i n g, and vowing off mind-altering drugs at that time. Recently it was reported that his family have made an agreement for his name to be used to legally sell a brand of Pot. Willie Nelson has done the same.

Lennon The Rebel

John Lennon played the rebel in his early musical career, and was reportedly unhappy with the humorous image the Beatles were given particularly in the US, having preferred the ‘Bad Boy’ early black leather Beatle image. Rather than the image the Rolling Stones maintained today.

He may have taken the Beatles name from a biker gang movie Lee Marvin stared in. He changed the spelling to Beatles, to reflect the beat of their music. And known as the Mersey Beat after the river flowing through Liverpool.

It was reported that before his tragic death Lennon had suffered a long period of drug addiction, during which time he infrequently left his home.

Paul has recently said that he will no longer smoke pot, the reason given is that he does not want to set a bad example to his own family. This was allegedly an everyday habit, according to an x-wife.

Smoking dope no doubt freed his mind to receive the songs which he claimed, and was rewarding for the number of Lennon&McCartney copyrighted songs, Beatle recordings, and owner of a music publishing company, by him becoming the first pop Billionaire!

While coming across as a likable guy with no bad intensions, he set the bad example with the same tragic results.


Eric Clapton, another British gentleman just had to record the song ‘COCAINE’ for our generation, which still plays today on Jukeboxes and has probably paid him millions.

Why did you have to do that Eric? Do you have no conscious at all about trying to influencing the younger generation to avoid addiction? You will probably say that you do? Then WHY record such ….

Of course you are the guy who accepted George Harrison’s hospitality with invites to his home. And what did you do there, oh yes you stole his wife! Not the act of an English gentleman with good character! Enjoy your millions Eric that is all you have coming.


Mick Jagger said as he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, “Reward for twenty years BAD BEHAVIOR.”

His long time girlfriend in England in the early days was a British debutant called Marianna Faithful, he and Keith wrote songs for her making her a recording star. Someone I met recently told me he had seen her appear in concert in San Diego, she had become a hunched over very much old woman.

In her book she records how she woke up one morning with a needle and syringe hanging from her arm and decided she had to get out!

You’v been a great example Mick, and have been kept alive for this reason! And the Stones are now the most famous rock ban in world history. Really well done Mick, was your Methodist Minister father proud of you? Probably so.

Keith Richards

Keith has admitted that he is given entire guitar like in his sleep, he records them, and it is these opening licks that has gone a long way towards making the Stones the most famous Rock/Blues band.

They are more popular than the Beatles, because they have never left the blues influence popular in the US.

Strangely, it is Keith Richards who can command an audience by himself, rather than Jagger who has released albums of his own with mostly negative responses.

Both these guys have openly admitted using and by such promoting drug abuse.

Keith wore a pot pipe hanging from his belt. And the story goes he would go for dialysis to clean his blood.

Before coming to the US, he was possibly going to jail for alleged heroin possession. But because it was acknowledged that he was about to have a great career in music, somehow his possible five year jail sentence was never imposed!

This allowing him to entry to the US and the rest is history.

Who Is Responsible For All Of This?

Paul might like to know who gave Lennon and McCartney their songs and The Beatles their success, influencing two generations of society around the world in the use of illegal drugs while singing along?

Paul also talked openly about an earlier cocaine habit which no doubt has also influenced others. Paul, you been a ‘Lucky Man’ to have lived beyond age ‘Sixty Four’ when so many young people you and the Beatles influenced did not.

Who Writes The Songs?

Read these revealing words of a song written by one of the Beach Boys, “I’ve been alive forever… and I wrote the very first song… my music will make you dance, make you feel that you wanna take a chance, so come along with me…! I write the songs, I write the songs”!

The Rolling Stones ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ takes you through recorded history from the crucifixion of Christ, to the murder of the Czar of Russia and his family, and the assassination of President Kennedy saying “Pleased to meet you, won’t you guess my name?”

The Prince of The Power of The Air

A being known as the ‘Prince of the power of the air’ literally broadcasts the attitudes expressed in our music, and writes ‘the songs that make the whole world sing.’

He became the original rebel! Believe it or believe it not Paul ‘YOU have been used’ to influence two generations!

You Need To Protect Yourself

The songs that come to many in the music industry are fed to them in order to take us on a trip, to build up our independence from our parents, and from the laws that God gave us to ensure our happiness and success in life. So that we are not dragged down generation by generation.

Be aware to protect yourself from the latest epidemic of heroin addiction! Only six weeks of heroin use makes YOU a heroin ADDICT. Please DO NOT TRY THIS TOTALLY ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE, chances are YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE!

To be informed see ‘The Dilemma Of Drugs’ on Page 2 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Each of you needs to learn ‘The Reason For Human Life’ and ‘God’s Seven Thousand Year Plan’ found here in Librarian’s Comments, so YOU can understand the future, and how to be protected by a very real loving God who you will get to know as a future member of His family.



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