The agony is allowed to continue in Zimbabwe formerly Rhodesia and in Darfur, Somalia where the populations are suffering starvation in one of the worst human tragedies of our time.

Now Under One Of Their Own

The children of generations who had their farmlands and raw material taken from them by British settlers and British Corporations, are now living in poverty and starvation in Zimbabwe under one of their own.

Please allow the world to witness the Great British character at its best in dealing with a situation where no profit is forthcoming. Do we not owe the people of Rhodesia a debt, in a situation where I have heard of human beings eating grass???

Darfur Somalia

The situation in Darfur, Somalia is perhaps even more heart-rending if that is possible in the wake of war, where as many as one million people, many of them young children, may die of the resulting FAMINE.

This displays the difficulties experienced by the U.N., when serious situations are neglected by the world’s most powerful nations.

Help Coming Soon

Help in all of these so tragic situations being allowed to drag on year after year, after year, may never be solved in this old world. But there is a brand new age coming soon!

Learn how these tragic conditions will be easily overcome in ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow, What It Will Be Like‘, on Library Page 1 and also in the quick Question and Answer version of this on Library Page 4.



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